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Quote1.png All Right. This is strictly off the record. In recent weeks we have been investigating a series of particularly brutal murders. Murders involving the extraction of the brain. Similar murders occurred a few months San Francisco...while Wolverine was living in the area. Now, these killings seem to be starting up again, only on a nationwide scale, and Wolverine may be our primary suspect. Quote2.png
Special Agent Dennis Wells

Appearing in "Rot (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "Rot (Part 2)"

Westchester. Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Special Agent Dennis Wells talks to Kitty Pryde about Wolverine (Logan's) situation and what's being done to handle it; and some, but if not all is bad news. Elsewhere, Logan discovers the birth place of Dr. Rottwell (originally known as: Bentley Newton). Upon entering the slightly deserted house, he finds Dr. Rot's father still alive. After promising to find his son, Logan kills Dr. Rotwell's father. In New York City, Special Agent Dennis Wells tries to get information from Melita Garner, however she has no idea where he is, and that she was in shock when she heard the words: brains & Dr. Rot! Wolverine, then arrives at Dr. Rot's new location (from a normal person's view; one is very wise to not enter!) he then encounters Charlie Chainsaw, Baylee Ann & Tater; whom work for Dr. Rot. After battling them and severely injuring Tater, Wolverine becomes dazed when he hears a poem spoken by Tater. Wolverine then blacks out. Awaken and strapped to a chair, Dr. Rot, now has Wolverine caged once again. (To Be Continued...)

Solicit Synopsis

• DR. ROT IS BACK! • Discover the secret behind Rot's twisted family...and what Wolverine's connection is. • FBI Agent Wells is circling closer to the truth behind the brutal murders he's investigating. And Wolverine is his lead suspect!


• Dr. Rot's actual name is revealed: Bentley Newton.

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