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Quote1.png What's this? You're trying to pop those wonderful claws of yours, aren't you? Well, it's no use, really. You have no idea what those fiends at Weapon X put inside your skull, do you? It's admirable work, actually. It's as if they staged that brain of yours for the day I'd dig down into your inner workings. They put a code in your skull that would make sure you played well with others. It's all here in black and white. And I cracked that code. Quote2.png
Dr. Rotwell

Appearing in "Rot (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for "Rot (Part 3)"

Dr. Rottwell, introduces Logan to his not normal family. He then tells Logan about the God Brain machine, and how it was a vast improvement over the last one. Shocked and bondaged, Logan tries to unleash his claws, but can not. Dr. Rotwell, cracked to code Weapon X had put into his skull. He then operates on Logan. Meanwhile, Agent Dennis Wells and Melita Garner try to locate Logan. Now, inside Logan's mind--Logan seemingly kills very last member of the Rotwell clan. But, in reallity, they all what on a screen, and eventually they send Logan (aka) Tater, and the rest to kill the intruders-- Melita Garner and Agent Dennis Wells and his FBI Agents. (To Be Continued).

Solicit Synopsis

You're invited to a Rot family dinner, hope you're hungry...FOR HORROR! As Agent Wells closes in on the answer to the vicious murders he's investigating, with Wolverine as his prime suspect, will the truth set him free, or destroy them both?!

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