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Algernon Rottwell
Wolverine...there there are more...trigger phrases...Weapon X implanted dozens of them...buried them deep. I saw them...scattered across the landscape of your mind like rotting stumps. Ha.
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Wolverine (Logan)
Enough. Your "Family" is dead. I killed them. And I want you to understand something. This about me. NOT Weapon X. NOT the Berserker. NOT whatever Murderer you tried to turn me into. I'm calm. Rational. I killed you.
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Appearing in "Rot (Part 4)"

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Synopsis for "Rot (Part 4)"

Agent Dennis Wells and his FBI agents along with Melita Garner find Dr. Rottwell's hideout. Most of them are killed off by Charlie Chainsaws and Baylee Ann. Dennis Wells, suddenly finds himself captured and drugged by Momma and Nurse Fester. Meanwhile, in the woods nearby Melita encounters a deranged Logan (aka) Tater, along with Charlie Chainsaws and Baylee Ann. Wolverine then going into a trigger phrase, somehow reverses the trigger phrase, making it broken. Wolverine then kills both Charlie Chainsaws and Baylee Ann. Melita then tells Logan that he's he again. He then rescues Dennis Wells, hurting Nurse Fester and killing Momma. Wolverine then encounters Dr. Rot, whom tries the trigger phrase on him, but somehow doesn't work. Dr. Rottwell, then explains to Wolverine that those shapeshifter creatures are actually flesh-puppets pulled from his skull, which are mapped memories that are apart of him. A then calm Wolverine kills Dr. Rottwell, by gutting him and removing slicing his head from his body. After, Rottwell's home goes up in flames and Wolverine is seen rescuing Agent Dennis Wells. Wolverine, then tells Melita Garner, "I don't remember who you are." Returning to his school, Logan tells himself that at anytime a landmind in his brain could go off and that his memories are spotty at times and that he's certain that things from his past could come back with vengence and bite him in the ass. Back at the Rottwell home, Nurse Fester brings back Dr. Rottwell from the dead. He then tells Nurse Fester, "First things first...let's dig up everything we can on the Weapon X program." (END).

Solicit Synopsis

• Wolverine versus Dr. Rot for control of Wolverine’s brain.

• Can Wolverine destroy the last vestiges of Weapon X’s programming?


• One of Wolverine trigger phrases: "DREAM A DREAM OF PRETTY PREY AND BLOOD RED AS RAGE."

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