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Patch and Archie Corrigan are having a drink at the Princess Bar when Archie spots a group of Yakuza thugs that are entering the room. Having smelt them from miles away, Logan is ready to deal with them and tells Archie to make a break for it and leave him to deal with the Japanese mobsters. They approach Patch and ask him if he is also a man named "Ro-Gan"[1]. Logan turns to them and tells them that if they are looking for death they have come to the right place.

Outside the bar, Archie is about to run back to his airstrip to get his shotgun and come back and help Logan when he is attacked by two other Yakuza: Reiko and Goro. When Goro attempts to slay Archie, Rieko stops him and tells him that the boss might have use for Archie's piloting skills and they let him go. Archie flees into the night warning them to make a run for it as well, as Logan will easily slaughter them. Goro laughs at this, telling the pilot that only a sword wielded by a dead man may slay him.

Inside the Bar, the Yakuza gang leader Dragonhead orders his men to kill Patch and walks out the door. When they open fire, Logan is quick enough to duck back behind the bar, and they succeed only in shooting up the bar and ruining Logan's suit. When one of the Yakuza goes to inspect the opposite side of the bar, he leans his chin over the bar surface, allowing Logan to extract his adamantium claws through the wood and kill him. He then bounds over the bar to enter the fray.

While at the palace of Prince Baran, the prince has General Coy and Tyger Tiger meet with the Yakuza's leader Dai-Kumo and his assistant Dr. Malheur. They put on a display the extract from the brain fluids from the Madripoorian Spider-Monkey, an endangered species who is also revered in Madripoorian folklore, which also could provide a potent cure for cancer. Dai-Kumo intends to sell the cure for exorbitant prices to the world's elite and has come to Madripoor to convince the Prince to release sanctions on hunting the rare monkeys and to get Coy and Tiger to use their criminal resources to help them harvest, manufacture, and smuggle the brain fluids out of Madripoor for shipment into Japan. When Tyger warns that there will be opposition from conservationalists and the many villages in Madripoor, Dai-Kumo tells her his only concern is that of Patch, the only valid threat to his operations on the whole island.

At the Princess Bar, Logan is fighting through the Yakuza warriors. Although he manages to cut through them and bring the roof of the bar crashing down on them, one of them manages to get a head shot in that manages to knock Logan unconscious. Elsewhere in Lowtown, Archie attempts to get the police to help stop the Yakuza attack but finds that they have been bribed to not get involved. Running to a pay phone he attempts to call Tyger Tiger to get help but she is not home when he calls.

Back in the ruins of the Princess Bar, Logan is revived from his blackout when one of the Yakuza soldiers attempts to make sure that Logan is truly dead by slamming a samurai sword through his body. Breaking the sword off, and letting his healing factor repair the damage, Logan resumes his fight with them, making short work of his would-be assassins.

Meanwhile, at the palace or Prince Baran, Tyger Tiger learns that Prince Baran has allowed for the Yakuza to go after Patch, agreeing that Logan's potential interference would affect their profits. Tyger Tiger is not willing to sell out her ally and leaves, and Dai-Kumo orders his men to follow her, but not to do anything but -- for now.

Logan meanwhile has finished off the last of his attackers, prompting Dragonhead and his minions Seven and Eleven to take a drug manufactured by Dr. Malheur from the spider-monkey brain fluids. It's a drug called Raiden that enhances their natural abilities. Taking the drug, they confront Logan who is not impressed by their display of bravado. They attack, and like their subordinates they make the mistake of attacking Logan in close quarters. When Tyger Tiger and Archie Corrigan return sometime later they find Dragonhead's men dead, and a trail of Logan's blood leading out to the docks.

Down by the water, Logan is still fighting Dragonhead, who gives up trying to kill Logan with conventional weapons and pulls out two grenades. Pulling the pins, he charges at Logan and they both fall into the water. Tyger and Archie arrive just in time to see them go into the water together. When they reach the end of the dock it is suddenly rocked by the grenades explosions. However, Logan survives. Pulling himself out of the water he tells his two friends that their blood attracted sharks to which Logan pushed his attacker -- grenades and all -- toward. Severely injured, Logan tells them to take him to a safe place where his healing factor can work on the massive injuries that he has sustained in the fight. As Tyger and Archie carry him away from the scene, they are secretly being watched by Reiko and Goro. Goro vows to kill Logan himself.

This story is continued next issue...

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  1. They are mocking his name as in Japanese Ro means "Old" and "Gan" means cancer, implying his name means death
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