Quote1 Not a lot of men live after they lay a hand on me. always were the exception to every rule. Quote2
-- Remus to Wolverine

Appearing in "Sabretooth Reborn: Chapter Two - Nightmare in Red"

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  • Jet (Destruction)
  • An Helicopter (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Sabretooth Reborn: Chapter Two - Nightmare in Red"

Weapon X Facility, Canadian North Woods. Wolverine battles dozens of Sabretooth clones; slicing and dicing. Wolverine even notes he killed a bio-engineered duplicate of Sabretooth, and not the really one.

In the mist of Wolverine fighting the duplicate clones of Sabretooth, he encounters the mysterious red-headed girl once again.And it seems she is one his side. Together they battle, and destroy the Weapon X facility. Once on a helicoptor ride, the mysterious red-headed girl reveals herself to Wolverine. "My name is Remus. As in "Romulus and". I need a favor that will help both of us. I want you to kill my twin brother."

Solicit Synopsis

• Sabretooth is back - but which one is the real one? • Where has Sabretooth been and whose side is he on this time? • The identity of the red-headed woman who came to Wolverine's rescue is revealed!


  • The Sabretooth Reborn story arc (Wolverine Vol 2 #310-313) was adapted in a motion comic mini-series comprised of 4 episodes called Wolverine versus Sabretooth Reborn. The mini-series was created by Marvel Knights Animation and released by Shout! Factory on DVD in March 24, 2015.
    • Sequel to Wolverine versus Sabretooth mini-series (Wolverine Vol 3 #50-55). In some instances, both mini-series are available together as one.

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