Quote1.png I'am afraid he has embarked on a dark path. Indeed a path I set him on. But I believe you have a role to play as well. And that...that warrents an explanation. Perhaps you'd like to finish your wine while we chat? "Trust me, you'll need it." Quote2.png
-- Vanessa Baker to Melita Garner

Appearing in "Covenant (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "Covenant (Part 1)"

At the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, Logan tries to remember Melita Garner, and what Dr. Rot did to him. Suddenly a woman named Vanessa Baker appears, however Logan remembered her and not Melita; and she storms out. Vanessa then talks to Logan about the Covenant and the Dreaming Maiden--and how they found her.

Marrakech, 1934, the Covenant had hired Wolverine to assassinate the mystical Dreaming Maiden, and although he's been able to hide the fact that he spared her life and secreted her away, the Maiden begun dreaming again.

In New York City, Vanessa contacts Melita, and tells her about Logan, and how she will play a role, which apparently warrants an explanation. Meanwhile, Logan and Elsa Bloodstone battle the twelve horrors--disciples of Murderous Lion, and defeating them, Logan is shot in the face by Elsa Bloodstone, and she states that "My father's work is not finished. The Dreaming Maiden must die." (To be continued)

Solicit Synopsis

• All new jumping on point! • How is Wolverine connected to the secret society known as the Covenant?

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