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Continued from last issue...

Lapsing into a coma dream from his injuries sustained battling Raiden enhanced warriors of the Yakuza, Wolverine finds himself attacked by dream apparitions of Yakuza member Dragonhead and his minions. They taunt Logan that they cannot be killed, and try as he might, Wolverine finds that it's true. He wakes up from his dream with Tyger Tiger and Archie entering the room. Tyger stops his rampage and Logan is reminded that he was attacked by some Yakuza thugs. Realizing that General Coy and Tyger Tiger might be implicated in this affair, Logan asks Tiger to explain what's happening.

While in the jungles of Madripoor, Dai-Kumo has his minions launch gas rockets into the trees to "harvest" the endangered Madripoorian spider-monkey so that he might use their brain fluids to manufacture a cancer cure that he would then sell to the world's rich at high prices. General Coy is more than happy to assist in the operation now that Tyger Tiger has refused to involve herself. He now stands to reap her portion of the profits. As they harvest the creatures, their native guide asks them why they are taking all the monkeys. They explain the situation to the native in terms he can understand: That the intent is to "eat" the monkeys' brains and be able to see god. Not understanding still, the native suggests that if they want to see god they just need to open their eyes. This is dismissed as simply primitive theology by Dai-Kumo. Kumo then gets a report from his agents Goro and Reiko, informing him that they have tracked Tyger Tiger to her penthouse and that she has brought the severely wounded Logan with her. Furious to learn that Wolverine is still alive, Dai-Kumo orders the two to not only kill Wolverine but provide proof, otherwise they stand to lose a finger each due to their failure.

While upstairs, Logan has just been briefed on what is going on in Madripoor. He is left to heal while Archie goes to check on the Princess Bar and Tyger her underworld connections leaving her toughest guards to keep Logan safe. This proves to not be enough when Goro and Reiko arrive. Goro easily slays the guards that have been left to protect Wolverine, cutting them down with a samurai sword that he had hidden in a bouquet of flowers. When one of Tyger's men almost gets the drop on Goro, Reiko comes in from behind and kills him. As they advance toward the door, Logan (having heard the commotion outside) also goes to the door and is in for a rude surprise when he goes to the door and listens: Goro stabs his sword through the door and pierces it right through Logan's heart. Although greatly wounded, this doesn't take the fight out of Logan. He smashes through the door, and with the sword still sticking out of his chest, he tries to fight back and passes out. Believing Logan to be dead, Goro snaps his "corpse" with a Polaroid camera.

Wolverine enters a near death state where he is visited by what he believes to be the spirit of Jean Grey and realizes that he might be dead. Noticing a glowing shaft of energy pouring out of his chest, Logan grabs for it and pulls it out. He awakens in the hallway of Tyger Tiger's penthouse having pulled the sword out of his body. Tyger and Archie have just returned to find the slaughter. Learning that the Yakuza have their operations located in the docks in Lowtown, Logan is determined to go down there and give them some payback.

At the docks, Dai-Kumo and Dr. Malhuer laugh about the truth of their newest criminal enterprise: They are not really harvesting a cure for cancer, but a new and very addicting drug called Thunderbolt which requires higher and higher doses with each high and leads to the eventual death of its user. When they reach their boat they are met by Goro and Reiko who present to their master the photograph of Wolverine's supposed corpse, pleasing Dai-Kumo. However, Wolverine is far from dead. He arrives on the docks some time later with Tyger Tiger fully briefed on his attackers. However he arrives too late. They are gone -- having left a pile of dead monkeys. Learning from Dai-Kumo's former native guide that the monkey killers are long gone, Wolverine tells Tyger that he intends to follow them to Japan.

This story is continued next issue....


  • Series goes back to be published monthly starting this issue.

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