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Synopsis for "Grave Undertakings"

Continued from last issue...

Wolverine, pretending to be dead, allows himself to be smuggled into Japan so that he might get revenge against Dai-Kumo and his Yakuza thugs for wiping out all the endangered Madripoorian spider-monkeys to harvest their brain fluids to make the powerfully addictive drug called Raiden. He has been flown there by Archie Corrigan and Tyger Tiger. The two are held up by customs until Dai-Kumo himself comes to investigate the situation. Satisfied that his opponent is dead, he decides to do the honorable thing and have Logan's body buried in his personal plot and orders Goro to make preparations. As they depart, Goro orders Archie and Tyger to leave Japan or face arrest. Ihe two comply leaving the Yakuza unaware that Logan isn't really dead, but in a drug-induced coma that is like death. They hope it stays in effect long enough for Logan to revive at the most opportune time.

As Reiko and Goro bury Logan in the cemetery, Goro realizes that Reiko was hoping that Logan would kill him and free her from her bond to him. However he reminds her once again that only a dead man's sword can kill him. As Dai-Kumo and his assistant Dr. Malheur prepare processing the brain fluid extract into usable Raiden, they take the time to celebrate the success of their latest venture. Wolverine meanwhile relives his latest clash with the Yakuza and how he cheated death thanks to the image of Jean Grey and revives within the coffin. Breaking free he finds Reiko waiting for him outside, and almost attacks her when he realizes she is not a threat. He asks her to bring him to her boss and she is more than happy to comply.

At Dai-Kumo's home, the Yakuza mobster has his guests and prospective buyers witness the results of manufacturing Raiden (or Zap as they are now calling it) by feeding it to a wolf and setting it loose in a pen full of tigers. To their surprise the wolf's abilities are enhanced by the drug and it manages to begin slaughtering the tigers. As they watch on, Logan suddenly bursts into the room and announces that he has come for Dai-Kumo and his pals. Kumo's guards attack Wolverine and as the fight progresses one of the men gets knocked over the edge of the pit and grabs its ledge, trying to get back up. The wolf in the pit below uses the man's body to climb out of the pit and is about to attack Logan when something about the feral mutant's scent convinces the wolf to -- wisely -- walk away from any potential clash.

Wolverine then fights through the rest of the guards and chases Malheur into the giant factory where Raiden is being made. He attempts to drop Logan into a vat of pure Raiden. However Wolverine grabs his leg and pulls him down into it with him. Wolverine smashes out of the vat with his claws and survives the experience. However Malheur isn't so lucky. He is confronted with Goro who hopes that Logan will fulfill the prophesy that he can only be killed by a dead man's sword. Swallowing a Raiden pill Goro attempts to attack Wolverine. Defending himself Logan only slashes Goro and denies him death by walking away from the battle. Walking back into the main room he finds a slaughter and at the top of the pile Dai-Komo himself with Reiko's umbrella dagger jutting out from his chest.

Just then Tyger Tiger and Archie Corrigan burst into the room ready to save Logan only to realize the battle is already done. They soon leave in Archie's plane to return back to Madripoor. As they fly home, they fly over Reiko who is walking toward her car ready to begin a new life free from the Yakuza.

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