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Synopsis for "The Hunter in Darkness"

Wolverine has traveled back home to Canada to relax and spend sometime in his home land. He has gone out fishing in his own unique way: going into the water and impaling fish on his claws. As he finishes up and prepares to eat his catch, he is visited by two RCMP officers who find it strange for there to be a naked man with no tent or fire out in the middle of Black Mountain Alberta. Although Sgt. Doolin finds Logan familiar he doesn't bring him in, they only come to show him a wanted poster of Athabasca Ike, a murderer who was supposed to stand trial in Edmonton but escaped, slaughtered an entire family and took their daughter hostage. Was Logan gets dressed he sniffs the air and learns that Ike is trying to escape on foot to high country and still has the girl with him. He tells them that if they want his help tracking Ike they better hurry as it'll be dark soon. Doolin agrees because a creature called the Hunter in Darkness is prowling the woods again. As they drive off, Doolin's partner asks the Sargent if he really believes that old Blackfoot legend. Doolin does, as when he was a young man he was out trapping in the woods he came across the creature when it accidentally set off one of his traps and then broke itself free, although he saw the creature he was unable to stop it.

Not far away, Athabasca Ike is running with the kidnapped Golightlys girl, however she is slowing him down. Pulling out his knife, he threatens to kill her when he notices sunlight twinkling off the windshield of the RCMP jeep that is tracking him. Confirming this by looking through the scope of his rifle, Ike fires on the jeep killing Doolin's partner and making the jeep crash. Logan pulls Doolin to safety was the jeep explodes and the two find cover. This whole incident begins to remind Doolin of his tour during World War II. Doolin explains that he was part of the 1st Canadian Parachute Batallion that jumped over Rainville, Normandy on June 6, 1944. His thought were of his corporal who was a brave man, a man that Doolin hasn't thought of in years.

As Doolin is explaining this, Logan is changing into his Wolverine costume, and tells Doolin that he can track Ike even at night. Ike indeed uses the night as a cover to attempt escape. As he and his hostage travel through the wilderness they hear a howling beast and Ike's hostage thinks it's the Hunter in Darkness, Ike merely laughs this off as local superstition. Logan and Doolin however are not quite so easily dismissive as they happen to stumble upon the creature, which automatically pounces on Wolverine. As Wolverine and the Hunter fight, the ruckus causes Ike to pause and see what's going on. When Doolin turns on a flash light to try and get a bead on the Hunter with his gun, it alerts Ike of their location the fugitive starts taking shots at them, gunning down both Logan and Doolan. As Doolan hears Wolverine order him to douse the light it makes him recall his days back in the war. When they had jumped their plane he, the colonel and the other soldiers were caught up in some trees. Young Doolan attempted to light up the place with a lighter, however the wiser colonel ordered him to douse it out. However, this came too late as the Nazi's had seen the light and sent troops, leaving the colonel (the only one free and only with a combat knife to defend himself) to fight off the attacking army.

His recollection over, he observes as the Hunter in Darkness is shot. Wolverine then notices that the creature is caught in a bear trap and frees the beast. This causes Doolin to remember that not only was Logan the supposed "Dweller" that he shot years ago, that he was also that colonel that led him in the military and single-handedly fought off Nazis with only a knife during the war. Free from the bear trap, the Dweller travels up the hill and mauls Ike to death after his hostage manages to escape and then vanishes into the night. Wolverine goes to Doolin after, and just before the old Mountie dies finally remembers that colonel's name and says it out loud: Logan. Hearing his name, Wolverine wonders how Doolin could have known it, however with Doolin now dead the truth would forever remain a mystery.


  • Sgt. Doolin's daughter Emmy would later appear.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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