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Synopsis for "Blood and Claws Part 1: Blood, Sand and Claws!"

While visiting Canada, Wolverine goes to the Gastown district of Vancouver to pay a visit to his old pal Puck, who is working as a bouncer at the seedy Gastown Bar. Logan is surprised to find his friend back doing his old job before joining Alpha Flight, but learns that he is only covering for his friend Bambi Bolinsky, who has suffered a broken arm. Bambi explains she broke it kicking eight men out of the bar the night before and invites them to sit down and play a game called split the fly: it involves using spit to attract a fly and sugar and attempt to stab it with a knife. When Bambi succeeds at it, she hands her knife over to Logan to give him a try. Logan gives it a shot just as the man Puck just threw out of the bar returns with some of his friends. Watching as Wolverine stabs a knife through his hand without reacting, the tough guys realize they're dealing with more than they had bargained for, and they wisely flee the scene.

Meanwhile in Osaka, Japan, some police arrive at the crime scene where Wolverine had battled the Yakuza, and spot Lady Deathstrike snooping around the premises. She has come seeking evidence of the rumors Wolverine is still alive[1]. When the officers approach her she uses her claws to murder them in cold blood. Hacking into the Japanese police department’s computer database through the squad car, Lady Deathstrike finds a clue to the location of Wolverine: Madripoor. Reporting to Donald Pierce, she has Gateway teleport her back to Australia to tell him where she's tracked Logan to. Pierce points out that Madripoor is a dangerous place, even for the Reavers. However Lady Deathstrike still wishes to seek her revenge against Wolverine and convinces him to let Gateway teleport her there.

Appearing in an Uppertown casino, Lady Deathstrike takes a bartender hostage and threatens to kill her unless Tyger Tiger tells her where Wolverine is hiding. Tiger relents and tosses her a postcard that Logan had sent her from Vancouver, so Deathstrike has Gateway teleport her off to Canada.

In Vancouver, Logan and Judd have gone out to do some drinking and fishing. While discussing their favorite writers, Judd drops an old photograph of Eugene back during the Spanish Civil War of the 1930's with Ernest Hemingway and him, as well as a girl named Inez. Judd is surprised when Logan knows her name even though he was never there. While they are discussing this, in Australia, Lady Deathstrike is instructing Gateway to teleport her to the exact location that Logan is gazing at, hoping to avoid wasting time searching all over Vancouver for him. This has unpredictable results as while Gateway teleports her to Logan's location, she, Logan and Puck all find themselves caught in a time vortex and are teleported back in time to Spain circa 1937.

Wolverine and Puck find themselves in the middle of a bullfight with Hemingway and Inez watching, and much to Eugene's surprise his original height has been restored. When the bullfighter is killed by the bull, Eugene grabs the cap and begins taming the bull while Logan joins Hemingway and Inez in the stands. When she asks how the two men suddenly appeared in the ring, he tells them it was magic. When a plane suddenly dive bombs the arena, Logan, Puck, Inez and Hemingway see that a full-out air raid is happening. Wolverine and Puck soon realize that they are in Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. When a plane attempts to gun them down, Logan grabs the bullfighting rapier that Eugene was using to tame the bull and throws it, impaling the pilot and causing him to crash into a nearby building. When Hemingway pulls up in his car, Logan and Puck hop aboard and Hemingway asks them if they are joining Inez's resistance movement. As they drive off, Puck is ecstatic to be reliving one of his glory days, but Wolverine warns him not to get too excited because if Lady Deathstrike is here in the past with them as well, they could be in a heap of trouble.

Sure enough, Lady Deathstrike is in this time as well. Having killed a soldier and stole his binoculars, she watches as Logan and Puck speed away from the war zone and realizes that she is not in Canada anymore. She is then surrounded by an army of soldiers lead by the Nazi Captain Horst Schlachtner of the Legion Kondor. Seeing that she has killed one of his troops, he assumes that she is a Republican partisan and tells her that she is to be hanged with fencing wire.

This story is continued next issue...



Tetsuo and Akira are references to Japanese Cinema, while Schlachter is German for Slaughter.

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  1. the X-Men were believed to be dead as of Uncanny X-Men #221
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