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Synopsis for "Reconstruction"

Continued from last issue...

Wolverine has brought Elsie-Dee to the X-Mansion in Westchester, New York in order to be analyzed by Forge to determine if there is a way to free her from the explosives that comprise most of her body. Forge's scan of her body finds that every component that isn't vital for her operation is packed with plastic explosives and that the timing mechanism wasn't stopped, but only paused temporarily and that anything could get it started again. Present are Storm and Jubilee, both along with Forge think of Elsie-Dee as simply a robot and pressure Logan to get rid of her before she explodes. However, Logan refuses to abandon the girl android.

Back in Venice, California, the police bring the FBI to the evidence room where they have taken the inert body of Albert following their clash at the Radio Hut store that saw Albert taken into police custody and the mobsters in his company arrested. To the authorities’ surprise they have found that Albert has not only repaired himself, but used the electronic equipment and Kevlar vests in the evidence room to repair himself and gather more information. He easily knocks the police and FBI agents aside and storms out to track down Elsie-Dee, believing that the only way that he can save her is by killing Wolverine. As he passes the cell holing Sally and his goons, Albert uses his claws to free them before leaving the jail.

As Wolverine, Forge and Jubilee take Elsie-Dee to a Westchester diner for food, Albert breaks into the military base in Palmdale, California and easily takes control of a new model Stealth bomber, which he intends to use to travel to New York for the purposes of killing Wolverine. Back in New York State, Logan, Forge, Jubilee and Elsie-Dee have migrated to a pool hall. As Jubilee argues with Forge (who has begun to think of Elsie as a "her" and not an "it") about how the girl android is only a machine, Elsie attempts to recharge herself through an electrical outlet, blowing all the circuits in the bar. Elsie then tells Logan that she picked up a transmission from Albert telling her that he is coming to her and convinces Logan to take her out to the biggest receiving tower so that she can pick up Albert's signal better. They speed off on Logan's motorcycle, much to Jubilee's chagrin, and head to the World Trade Center to boost Elsie-Dee's signal off its radio tower.

As Albert speeds toward New York the military mobilizes F-14 jets to intercept the Stealth, even though it's advanced radar cloaking will make it near impossible to find. When the story hits the news, Jubilee and Forge overhear the story and decide to go after Logan and give him a helping hand figuring the incoming Stealth can only mean trouble for him. At the top of the WTC, Elsie-Dee gets a clear reception and is able to communicate with Albert. Albert tells Logan and her to look out to the east, while he silently flies up from the west to attack Logan. Calibrating the Stealth's weapons to compensate for the fact that Logan is standing too close to Elsie-Dee, he pumps more power into the Stealth's navigation systems, forcing the ship to drop its radar cloak and making it visible to the F-14's that are trying to track it.

Albert flies the Stealth right into Logan, taking him off the building. Elsie-Dee, trying to tell Albert to stop attacking, jumps aboard the craft as it flies away. Inside the bomber, Logan and Albert clash briefly before Elsie-Dee stops them both and explains that Logan disarmed the bomb inside her and that they don't have to fight. Logan, not having any hard feelings, tells Albert that they don't have to fight and that he's willing to walk away. Just then the F-14's catch up to them and attack with Vulcan fire. Despite Albert's best efforts to fight off their attackers, the bomber takes a missile and crashes into New York Harbor. Witnessing this flaming crash, Jubilee and Forge dive into the water hoping to save Wolverine, fearing that they may already be too late.

This story is continued next issue...

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