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Synopsis for "Papa Was a Rolling Stone!"

Continued from last issue...

Wolverine and Sabretooth battle it out in a storm drain that is rapidly filling up with water thanks to the storm on the surface. Trapped in the tunnel, their only salvation from drowning is being able to break free a locked metal door. Wolverine is unable to slash through with his claws because he is too busy trying to fend off Sabretooth, who continues to attack him viciously even at the risk of drowning. On the other side is the android Elsie-Dee and the mutant mercenary Cable. Elsie-Dee begs Cable to free her friend, However Cable is reluctant because he doesn't want to drown and also has no love for Logan himself. When Elsie-Dee tries to grab for Cable's gun herself he pushes her aside. With time running out for Logan, she detaches her head and throw it at Cable, striking his head. As her head keeps him off his feet, Elsie-Dee's body grabs Cable's gun and uses it to blast open the metal door that is blocking Wolverine's path.

This causes a torrent of water to wash all four of them down the South Street Outlet, Elsie-Dee manages to grasp for her head and reattach it to her body. They soon end up getting caught at a flood gate and they are at risk of drowning once more thanks to the debris washed through the flooding water piling up and slowly blocking the flood gate. Their screams are heard coming from a storm drain on the surface by Forge and Jubilee who are desperately waiting for Forge's friend to arrive and help them look for Wolverine. When Jubilee hears the panicked screams, Forge dismisses them as nothing more than the Morlocks below.

Forge is partially correct, as the Morlocks are still at risk of drowning due to blockage filling up the South Street Outlet, prompting their leader Masque and his minions to go to a section of the storm drain that will allow them to activate the self-cleaning mechanisms. Back at the flood gate, tempers fray as Cable pulls a gun on Elsie-Dee, blaming her for putting them in death’s way. Before he can shoot, Wolverine slices his gun to bits and then they are attacked by Sabretooth. Sabretooth still insists that he is Wolverine's son and continues his savage attack just as the Morlocks activate the crushing gears of the self-cleaning system. As Wolverine and Cable fend off Sabretooth, Elsie-Dee selflessly sacrifices her body to save her friends. Detaching her head and rearming the bombs inside her body, she sends it into the crushing gears of the cleaning system, blowing it to smithereens.

With the explosion causing the water to flow freely, one of the Morlocks warns Masque of the risk of flooding and Masque orders his minion to redirect all the water back out to the East River, expelling all the combatants out of the storm drain as well. There they are picked up by a S.H.I.E.L.D. med-evac chopper piloted by Forge's old friend Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. itself. Pulled to safety aboard the chopper, Cable hands over to Wolverine the head of Elsie-Dee, whom he managed to save from being swept away. Elsie-Dee tells Logan that without her body, her head will soon run out of power and shut down, wiping out her memory core. Although she now faces "death", she is happy that she is going out having done something as noble as saving one of her true friends. Sabretooth, immune to the tranquilizers given to him, once more attempts to attack Wolverine and push him out of the chopper to his death. However, this doesn't come to pass as Elsie-Dee bravely attacks Sabretooth sending him out the open door instead and down into the water below. Wolverine tries to grab for Elsie-Dee, but is too late to do anything to save her. Logan wants to go after her, but his friends tell him to just let her go. When Wolverine asks Fury if Sabretooth is really his father, Fury confirms that while Sabretooth believes that to be the truth, he is not really Logan's father.

In the water below, as he sinks deeper and deeper into New York Harbor, Sabretooth attempts to crush the head of Elsie-Dee. He fails however as Albert, since reactivated, finds them and slashes Sabretooth with his claws. Leaving the feral mutant to his fate, Albert connects a wire to Elsie-Dee's head. While aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopter, Logan is angry that Fury knows the truth and demands answers about his past. Fury tells him he can't as that information is classified and tells him that he can say no more, offering him a cigar as solace to this. Meanwhile, back below the water, Albert connects a wire from his body into Elsie-Dee to give her the much needed power to remain operational.

This story is continued next issue...

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