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Appearing in "Babes at Sea"

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Supporting Characters:


  • "Baby-Killer"

Other Characters:

  • Brenda
  • Rachel
  • Gretchen
  • "Floating Baby"




Synopsis for "Babes at Sea"

Wolverine crouches silently in Central Park at night overlooking a pond. His mind reflects back to some time ago the last time he was out in water where he had a most deadly adventure...

During that time Logan was plagued by dreams of a ghostly fetus appearing before him begging for him to save it. The dream fetus would be attacked by a giant maw and he would see the image of a cruise ship in this dream. One day while out on his daily routine he would come across a boat that was identical to his dream and decide that he should get a ticket and come aboard. On this cruise for a week he is plagued by these dreams.

One day while walking the deck he would contemplate what his dreams might mean when he is called to help three women come up with the ideal child name. These women are Brenda, Rachel, and Gretchen all expectant single mothers who had all met each other and decided to go on this cruise as a joint vacation. Rachel decides to go swimming while she still looks good in a bathing suit and hits the ships swimming pool. When there are screams shortly thereafter, Logan notices that the pool water has gone red with blood and dives in. Down below he finds the creature from his dreams and tries to fight it off. During the fight, the phantom fetus appears and tells Logan that it's trying to find him and begs him to stop it. The creature gets away, and Logan finds Rachel's dead body floating face down in the water.

Realizing the fetus must be one of the child of either Gretchen or Brenda, Logan tells them to stay in their rooms where it's safe. That night he changes into his Wolverine costume and begins to search for the creature in the ship. When Wolverine goes to check on the girls, he learns that Brenda has left her room. As he is trying to track her down, the is taking the elevator up to the upper deck in order to be with a large group of people, figuring that there are safety in numbers. She doesn't make it though, as the creature bursts through the ceiling of the elevator and kills her, eviscerating her body. Wolverine arrives too late to stop the creature, and battles it in the elevator shaft. The creature manages to get away however when it breaks the cables of another elevator forcing Logan to try and save the people inside, he fails and the creature manages to escape while wounding him.

When ship security attempts to stop Logan, he breaks free and runs to Gretchen's room realizing that she is the creatures next victim. He arrives just as it is attacking her and fights it off of her. As the two battle, Logan realizes that this baby-killing monster is afraid of his claws. As they battle, they go overboard into the ocean below where Wolverine manages to kill the creature by pushing it into the boats spinning motor, chopping it into bits.

Later, Logan visits Gretchen to tell her the bad news about her friends death, but tells her that the creature has been killed. He tells her that he believes that her child is going to be someone important someday, an idea that Gretchen can also feel is true.

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