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Synopsis for "Claws Over Times Square!"

This story is continued from Wolverine Vol 2 43...

Wolverine and Jubilee are on the rooftops of Manhattan having just learned that wealthy casino owner Ronald Parvenue has captured the Hunter in Darkness and intends to publicly display the creature in Times Square before shipping it off to Atlantic City to be put on display in his casinos there. Jubilee asks Wolverine what he plans on doing. Logan isn't sure, and while he understands that Ronald likely did everything legally to capture the Hunter, the creature being in captivity doesn't sit very well with him and goes off to wait for the Hunter's public appearance. Wolverine is not the only one waiting for the Hunter's public appearance, a young woman sits in an apartment looking over Times Square, putting together and preparing a sniper rifle in order to kill the beast.

Meanwhile, deep in the Morlock tunnels, Albert works hard to try and build Elsie-Dee a new body that will be much superior to her original. Although he has many salvages parts and is drawing electricity from Manhattan's power grid, Elsie-Dee doesn't believe it's enough to create the molten salt high intensity battery needed to sustain her life. Albert tells her he is going to do one better: build her a strange matter reactor that will power her indefinitely. As Albert works away the Morlocks led by Masque watch on.

On the surface, Sabretooth pulls himself out of New York Harbor and stops a mugger from robbing a woman before punching her out and taking her money himself. He then begins to track the sent of lotus blossom, eucalyptus and hate to it's present location. As Logan watches over Time Square from the top of a giant projection television for the Hunter in Darkness display, Jubilee fights her way through the crowd in order to get a close look of action. A helicopter carrying Ronald Parvenune and Lady Deathstrike (who has seduced herself into being by his side) arrives with a cage draped with a cloth. Sabretooth (in disguise) soon joins the crowd as Parvenue unveils the Hunter in Darkness to the gathered audience. While most people look at the creature in awe, the young woman who has come to kill the creature fires a shot at it.

Seeing the shot happen, Wolverine breaks his cove and jumps onto the cage in order to save the Hunter from being a sitting duck. Watching Wolverine do this, Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth doff their disguises and make a break at Wolverine to attack him. As this is going on, down below in the Morlock tunnels, Albert has convinced Masque to lead him to more electricity, and severs the mainline that powers all of Manhattan, putting the entire city into a black out. As the crowd panics, Jubilee has trouble seeing what's going on and uses her mutant powers to illuminate the cage, and is horrified to see that Wolverine is being double teamed by Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth. Ronald orders the chopper pilot to get away, swinging the cage into a water tower on a roof top, smashing it open. Before Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike can resume their attack on Wolverine, Lady Deathstrike points out that the Hunter in Darkness is also free.

This story is continued next issue...

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