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Synopsis for "Home Is the Hunter..."

Continued from last issue...

Wolverine, Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike were in the middle of a fight on a rooftop when they suddenly realize that that the Hunter in Darkness was freed during their battle and is loose on the roof with them. Logan suggests that they call a truce in order to deal with the Hunter, however Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth have no such compunctions and resume their attacks. Witnessing Logan being double-teamed, the Hunter recognizes him as the man who saved it years ago from a bear trap and jumps into the fight to lend Logan a helping hand. Getting away from the fight, Wolverine finds that Jubilee has caught up to them and tells her to make a break for it while he allows his healing factor to heal his wounds. Jubilee takes a moment to illuminate the roof top and is surprised to see the Hunter in Darkness holding it's own against Wolverine's two attackers. Not wishing the Hunter to fight alone, Wolverine re-enters the fray.

While deep in the Morlock tunnels, Albert arrives with the severed mainline to boost the power needed to rebuild Elie Dee's body. Albert has constructed a hyper-cryogenic hyper magnet to help power the new internal reactor that he is building for Elsie-Dee. While back on the roof tops, Wolverine is focusing his energies on stopping Sabretooth while the Hunter in Darkness fights Lady Deathstrike. As the battle rages on, the young woman who has come to kill the Hunter arrives on another roof top and begins opening fire on the battle. Her first bullet strikes Lady Deathstrike, sending her off the building and falling into a dumpster below.

The woman is about to fire off another shot when Jubilee uses her mutant powers to briefly blind her. The flash of light also temporarily halts the battle on the rooftop and the Hunter in Darkness makes a break for it. The woman who was shooting angrily introduces herself as Molly Doolin, the daughter of Sgt. Doolin of the RCMP, the man whom died helping Wolverine stop Athabaska Ike and save the Hunter in Darkness[1]. She tells them about how her father neglected her and his career when he became obsessed with capturing the Hunter in Darkness and blames the creature for his death. Unaware of what really happened, and getting no information from the RCMP in Ottawa, she decide to take matter into her own hand by hunting down and killing the beast herself and found the perfect opportunity when she read about the creatures capture and future exhibition in Times Square.

When Wolverine tries to talk sense in onto Molly, she shoots both him and Sabretooth, and both realize that the bullets are laced with something. when she tells them the bullets contain mercury, the two being to hallucinate and begin seeing Molly as the same man, a guard they both knew as the Wrangler. While Molly pumps more shots into them while explaining her story, they begin to hallucinate more, and Wolverine begins to realize that his past with Sabretooth goes back farther. When Jubilee attacks Molly, Wolverine shakes off the effects of the mercury in his system. When Sabretooth (still in his hallucinatory state) tries to get his "partner" to help him, Wolverine punches him out. Wolverine goes to the other roof top where Molly is about to club Jubilee with the butt of her rifle. He slices it to bits with his claws and Jubilee punches Molly out. When Jubilee asks what happened, Wolverine comments about how the Mercury made him see parts of his past that he didn't know about. When he turns to get answers from Sabretooth, he finds that his foe has also escaped.

Down in the alley below, Lady Deathstrike crawls out of the dumpster that she landed in realizing that she had been rebuilt by Donald Peirce even stronger than before. She is confronted by Ronald Parvenue who is more than impressed that she managed to swindle him and believes that they should talk further. While in the sewers below, Albert continues to work diligently on building a new body for Elsie-Dee. Their fight is interrupted by what sounds like an alligator getting a new meal, however Masque points out that it wasn't an alligator attacking, but being killed and thinks there is something down in the sewers with them that is deadlier than a simple gator. Masque is correct, as it is the Hunter in Darkness, who has found itself in the Morlock tunnels following it's escape and has killed an alligator for it's next meal.

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