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Appearing in "Dog Day"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Tracy

Other Characters:

  • Mr Singh
  • Tiffany
  • Silver Fox (Only in flashback)
  • Blue (First appearance) (Death)




Synopsis for "Dog Day"

Logan is unlocking his motorcycle which has been locked up to a lamp post illegally in Manhattan since his ordeal with Albert and Elsie Dee. As he is unlocking it he is confronted by a beat cop who has been curious about who the owner of the motorcycle is as when she tried to run the plates she was given orders from various security agencies to not do anything. As she is writing up Logan a ticket she asks him what his excuse is. When he tells her a story that involves cyborgs, mutants, and a feral creature of Canadian myth, she finds the story so fantastic that she rips up the ticket and allows Logan to get off with only a warning.

While in Salem Center, A woman returns home from grocery shopping to find her son Tracy has returned home and has been going through her things to try to find things to hawk in order to buy drugs. Tracy, who was kicked out of the house because of his drug use attacks her and when she grabs the family gun she can't bring herself to shoot her own son. This proves to be her undoing, as the drug addled young man (believing that everyone but himself are nothing more than chumps) takes the gun and proceeds to beat her to death.

Elsewhere in the suburb, Logan is riding through town on his motorcycle when he is attracted to the sound of gun shots. Investigating, he spots two police officers cornering a rabid dog. When the dog lunges at the officers, one of them guns it down, firing an excessive amount of bullets. When Wolverine calls her on this, she tells him that she has a family at home that she has to think about and that it was a hard decision to make because she has a dog also. She asks Logan if he ever owned a dog, to which he tells her did a long time ago.

Tracy meanwhile has traveled to the convenience store where he worked after getting out of drug rehab, and subsequently got fired for lapsing back into drug use. With a vendetta to give out, Tracy kills the store owner Mr. Singh, and while spouting to Tiffany, the cashier, a racist epitaph about how immigrants are stealing all the jobs proceeds to take all the cash out of the register. When Tiffany offers opposition, Tracy pulls out his gun and shoots her as well.

Logan meanwhile has sped away from the scene where the police had shot the dog. He thinks back to when he was living with Silver Fox in the Canadian wilderness. At that particular time his dog Blue had been missing for a week and he had grown worried. Silver Fox's attempts to comfort him that the dog will return prove to be a mixed blessing as Blue does return, but the beloved pet had caught rabies while gone. Logan would grab for the gun over their fire place and aim at the dog while Silver Fox would hide behind him telling him to shoot the dog.

Tracy meanwhile has stolen a car and has gone on a demolition spree while drunk off stolen beer and high on drugs. After he almost runs down two children riding their bikes, he pulls up to a traffic light. He looks over and sees Logan waiting for him and begins to get paranoid that he might be a cop and see all the stolen money and beer inside his car. Logan looks over and spots the handle bars of a children's bicycle caught under one of the wheel wells as he is driving away. Noticing this and not wanting to get caught, Tracy runs Logan down sending the mutant over the hood of the car. Spotting that Logan is still alive, Tracy tries to back over him, but Logan uses his claws to wreck the car.

Logan tires to talk the young man out of doing anything further, and although Tracy unloads the last of his bullets into him, Logan's healing factor and Adamantium skeleton protect him from any real harm. With the bullets gone, Wolverine pops his claws and is about to strike the young man down. He thinks back to the night with Silver Fox where he had to shoot his rabid dog and finds that he cannot bring himself to kill the young man before him. Turns out Logan doesn't have to as the two cops from earlier arrive on the scene and gun Tracy down. When the police arrive on the scene, the female cop and Logan talk about the incident and Logan tells her what happened to his ill fated pet: When forced with the situation where he had to shoot his dog, he couldn't bring himself to do it, and Silver Fox took his gun and shot the pet instead.


  • Series returns to being published monthly starting this issue.

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