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Synopsis for "Hunter's Moon!"

Continued from last issue...

With her uncle Nguyen Ngoc Coy preparing to murder Patch, Karma breaks into tears after crushing a wine glass in her hands. Witnessing this, Bloodscream asks her what is the matter. When she tells him nothing, he can tell that her soul is in anguish and samples some of the blood that is left on the table cloth from her cut hand, and tells her that their lives are now bound until death -- or beyond.

Meanwhile, Patch is has chartered a flight to the mainland aboard Archie Corrigan's plane in order to help Tyger Tiger from being ousted from the Madripoor crime scene. Logan detects the lingering scent of Bloodscream on Archie and wonders if he is loyal to Bloodscream's employer and prepares to use his claws to kill Archie should that prove to be true. Archie has gone back to "get some coffee" but in reality is going back for a gun to shoot Patch in the back. He struggles between doing the dirty deed or not, but doesn't make a decision because soon his plane is strafed by a fighter plane. Patch takes control of the plans and with some fancy flying tries to get away. With their plane damaged and unlikely to survive any more shots, Logan jumps out of the plane and uses his claws to shear off the wing of the attacking aircraft causing it to crash. Free falling, Logan aims for a lake far below and makes a perfect landing into the water.

Back on Madripoor island, Lindsay McCabe and Jessica Drew take the gravely injured Tyger Tiger to one of Patch's safe houses owned by the corporation known as Landau, Luckman & Lake. There they are greeted by Chang, who welcomes them in but tells them that this isn't the best place for them to hide out and begins to make arrangements to relocate them someplace else.

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While in the Golden Triangle, two soldiers of fortune named Battleaxe and Shotgun survey the crash sight looking for Logan. Finding no trace of him they report back to their leader Hardcase, who is not satisfied and orders them to search the wreckage further. As they soldier on they walk right past Logan who had been hiding in the mud. Rising out of the muck he sneaks up behind them and gets the drop on them.

Meanwhile, in Madripoor, Lindsay and Jessica make themselves at home and get to know Chang. Jessica is shocked to find a 19th century tinytype photograph depicting Logan and Chang. More questions are raised when Lindsay tries on a outfit that is made of metal but is as comfortable as a second skin. Chang is not at liberty to explain his organizations secrets, and whatever further explanations are cut short when suddenly Roughhouse bursts through the wall to take Tyger Tiger.

Back on the Golden Triangle, Logan uses Axe and Shotgun's radio to make an emergency signal to the Harrier's base before rushing in and fighting off their hired goons and attacking their base. As the fight causes a fire, some of Hardcase's men attempt to make a break with Coy's supply of Opium. Patch attempts to stop them but is gunned down. As they try to escape, Archie flies overhead blasting some of the trucks with his planes weapons. When one of Coy's men finds Logan alive, he is shocked to find that he survived an entire clip of ammunition. When he tries to raise his weapon to shoot him again, Logan jumps at him and kills him with his claws.

With the shipment of Opium destroyed Logan and Archie make their escape back to Madripoor, leaving the Harriers behind and their leader Hardcase hoping to meet Logan again in the future. On the way back Archie asks Patch if this will cripple Coy's plot to take over the Madripoor crime scene, Logan isn't so sure, but believes anything is possible. Logan's word would seem contrary as back in Madripoor, the safehouse of Landau, Luckman & Lake has been torn to the ground, and among the rubble is the lifeless body of Chang.

This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "A Wolverine Gallery"

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Pinup art on back cover.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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