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Appearing in "The Crunch Conundrum Part 2: Citadel At The End Of Time!"

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Synopsis for "The Crunch Conundrum Part 2: Citadel At The End Of Time!"

Continued from last issue...

Logan and Mystique's evening of lust is interrupted by the arrival of Spiral, but instead of attacking like they thought she instead warns them of coming danger. Realizing the room is too vulnerable, she is too late to prevent a Plasma Wraith from transporting itself into the room. After Spiral and Logan destroy the creature, Spiral puts up a barrier in the room to protect them and warns that he entire space-time continuum is riven. Outside the Cloud 9 Motel, the stealth bomber carrying Albert, Elsie-Dee, and the Hunter in Darkness passes over en route to bring the Hunter back to Canada. As they pass the motel, Elsie-Dee's metabolic crystal picks up a weird vibration that the Hunter also detects. It's a passing moment and they continue on their travels to Canada. Jubilee barely notices the passing bomber as she heads back to the motel to see if Logan is okay.

Inside the motel Spiral warns that there is a "traffic jam" in space time and shows them (by beaming energy out of a television) that her past and future selves and those of other time travelers (such as Gateway) are converging to one point: The Crunch. The Crunch she explains is the end of time where the universe collapses into itself and ends. When the TV suddenly fires a nullifier beam from the future, everyone (including Jubilee who stops outside to tie up one of her roller blades) just narrowly avoids being disintegrated by the beam. Deciding that they need to take action right away, Spiral creates a time vortex to transport herself, Mystique and Wolverine to the future. The vortex creates a strong wind that also swallows up Logan's motorcycle, and Jubilee narrowly avoids getting sucked in herself. Rushing into the room, she is shocked to find it completely empty. When she hears that she is not alone in the room, she opens an adjacent door and is confronted by none other than Mojo.

Meanwhile, Logan, Mystique and Spiral travel through the time stream to the Crunch, and the experience is an unpleasant bending of quantum physics that lands them on a giant world machine at the end of time. As they gather themselves together they are confronted by yet another Plasma Wraith. Because this one is in it's own element it proves to be a more formidable match and not so easily destroyed as the one they fought in the present. However, when Mystique realizes that the creature is spouting lines from different movies, she realizes who it's master is and shape shifts into Mojo, distracting the creature long enough for Spiral and Logan to destroy it. They then realize the severity of the situation: Mojo is trying to do something to the Crunch for his sick and twisted idea of entertainment.

Back in the present, Jubilee attempts to escape from Mojo, however Mojo has his minion Abcissa wrap Jubilee up in the chain that comes off her helmet and the two teleport her away. While in Canada, Albert, Elsie-Dee, and the Hunter in Darkness find themselves over the Weapon X facility in Alberta Canada. They continue to follow the Hunters directions until they find an ancient Native burial mound of bones and decide to go out and investigate. On their way out, Elsie-Dee notices that Albert had rebuilt the stealth's cruise missile into an anti-matter imploder. Upon getting to the ground, the Hunter suddenly becomes interested in digging up something under the pile of bones. Digging through the dirt, Albert and Elsie-Dee are shocked to find ancient bones laced with Adamantium with claws jutting from it's hand.

This story is continued next issue...

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