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Synopsis for "The Crunch Conundrum Part 3: The Chimerical Mystery Tour!"

Continued from last issue...

Wolverine, Mystique, and Spiral are at the Citadel at the End of Time moments before the Crunch, which would being about the end of the universe. With Mojo attempting to exploit the Crunch for entertainment value, the universe is at the risk of being wiped out, for if the Crunch doesn't happen, then in turn the Big Bang that created the universe would also not happen. Changing into his Wolverine costume, Logan orders Mystique and Spiral to get on his motorcycle and they ride off the end of the Citadel into a giant time vortex that is bringing about the end of everything, they are determined to save the universe by allowing it to end. They fall down a crater and onto a giant plasma television with Mojo's face on it. Mojo mocks them as his cameras a rolling, he shows them all that he has Jubilee as his prisoner before unleashing another Plasma Wraith against them.

While in the present, Albert, Elsie-Dee and the Hunter in Darkness have brought the mysterious Adamantium laced bones that they found in an ancient Native burial ground aboard their stealth bomber for further examination. To their surprise they find that it has been buried there for over two hundred years and after running it through their computers get a facial reconstruction done. They are shocked to see that it bears an uncanny resemblance to their friend Wolverine.

Back in the distant future, Wolverine, Spiral and Mystique continue to battle Plasma Wraiths as Mojo watches on. As the battle rages, Spiral realizes that Mojo is preventing the Crunch from happening and that the anti-matter implosion required to end of the universe is being haulted. Mojo meanwhile offers Jubilee an ultimatum: He will stop this all from happening if she agrees to be his slave.

Wolverine and the others are suddenly visited by the image of Gateway. Gateway shows them a means to stop Mojo: By utilizing the anti-matter implosion missile that Albert has created and is storing within his stealth bomber. Wolverine orders Spiral and Mystique to travel back to the present and get that missile before it's too late. They comply travelling back to the past leaving Wolverine to fight off Mojo's forces. As Wolverine battles the Plasma Wraiths, Jubilee refuses Mojo's offer, he then orders his minion Abcissa to remove her mask, revealing an older Jubilee. Mojo explains that this is one of her future counterparts that agreed to be his slave and tells her that she should give up.

In the past, Spiral and Mystique materialize aboard Albert's stealth bomber and they ask Elsie-Dee to hand over the missile that Albert has created. Elsie-Dee is reluctant to help because she finds it hard to believe that Wolverine needs help in the far future when evidence points that he had died in the distant past. With their memories of the future fleeting, Spiral tells Elsie-Dee that the bones there are from a Wolverine of another timeline and agrees to send her, Albert and the Hunter in Darkness into the past to investigate if they're interested in knowing the whole story. They agree to turn over the missile in exchange for being transported into the past. Spiral accommodate and sends the missile into the future, even as they begin to forget why they needed to do so any why they needed to keep the vortex open.

In the Crunch, the missile comes through the vortex and Wolverine hops on and redirects it toward Mojo. As he speeds by fighting off Plasma Wraiths, the skeleton in the past suddenly vanishes, and when Jubilee fights back against Mojo, Abcissa suddenly vanishes from existence as well. Free from her bonds, Jubilee jumps free from Mojo and hops on Wolverine's Harley and speeds by the missile and pulls Wolverine off it. They drive through the time vortex back into the past just before the missile strikes Mojo, allowing the Crunch to happen and preserving the universe.

Wolverine suddenly finds himself at the Four Freedoms Plaza in the evening playing a poker game with Nick Fury, Gambit, Beast and the Thing at another one of the Thing's roving poker games. He is doing poorly and already owes Gambit 5 grand when suddenly Mr. Fantastic enters the room and tells Logan he has a collect call from Jubilee. Answering the phone, he learns that while he was transported to this poker game, Jubilee found herself transported to Japan where she was arrested for not having a license, speeding, and driving a vehicle that was smuggled into the country.

This story is continued in Wolverine (Vol. 2) #55....

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