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Synopsis for "Station Identification"

New York City has been plagued by a series of murders perpetuated by a group of youths called the Vidkids who have taken to murdering Morlocks and filming the brutal attacks and turning them over to the media. When their fourth murder hits the news, the story is watched by X-Force's Shatterstar who decides to look into this himself, finding this sort of media exploitation not unlike his life on Mojoworld before he escaped to Earth. When his teammate Cannonball asks if Shatterstar is going into a training session, Shatterstar corrects him and tells him he's going out on a hunt alone.

While at the X-Mansion, Wolverine and Rogue are in a Danger Room session that is simulating a battle in the Savage Land. When Rogue slips up when she chokes upon seeing a simulacrum of Magneto[1], Wolverine completes the mission objective and terminates the sequence. When they catch the news story about the Vidkids, Wolverine decides to investigate it himself.

That night, he ends up in South Bronx to search for clues that might lead him to the location of the Vidkids. When finding a scent in an alleyway he is attacked by Shatterstar who mistakes Wolverine as one of the Vidkids. However, after a brief battle, Shatterstar realizes who Wolverine is -- in his future he Wolverine is a legendary hero -- and apologizes for the attack. The two agree to work together to track down and stop the Vidkids.

They happen upon the group as they are chasing a homeless woman into the subway system. Using stealth, Wolverine and Shatterstar take out the sentries the Vidkids have set up to watch out for authorities and attack the main group before they can harm the homeless woman. When confronting them, Wolverine and Shatterstar find out that he Vidkids are only committing these murders for kicks and attack. But instead of slaying these youths, Wolverine only destroys their video cameras and leaves them to be apprehended by the police.

Later as they watch the police take away the Vidkids from a rooftop, Shatterstar watches as a news crew arrives to cover the story. Shatterstar finds the way the media works on this world very strange, and Wolverine tells him that people usually obsess over it because they have no lives of their own. Wolverine then leaves Shatterstar behind so that he can watch over the media circus below and reflect on what has happened that night.


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  1. she had a brief relationship with Magneto in Uncanny X-Men #274

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