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Synopsis for "Thirthy Slashes Over Tokyo"

Story continued from Wolverine Vol 2 53....

Following their adventure at the Crunch at the end of time, Jubilee found herself in Japan where she was summarily arrested for numerous infractions, prompting Wolverine to head for Japan to bail her out. Accompanied by Gambit (whom didn't want to lose sight of Wolverine thanks to the money he owes him after their poker game), they hit a problem when crossing through airport security in Los Angeles when Wolverine's adamantium bones set off the metal detector. After a strip search, Logan shows them that all the metal is inside his body by putting his hand into the x-ray machine. When they realize that he has claws built into his hand they still refuse to let him on the plane. Not wanting to be delayed any further, Gambit suggests that Logan have security put in a call to SHIELD if they want to get on the flight.

Wolverine's clearance request sets off the computers at Hydra and Silver Fox calls in to one of Donald Peirce's final cyborgs named Cylla who has been put into storage for the right moment. Cylla uses her technological implants to place a shipping order to have her mailed to Japan so that she can eliminate Wolverine when she arrives.

While in Tokyo's Roppongi district, Jubilee is cooling her heels in a jail cell with a group of female gang members. When they try to rob her she uses her mutant powers to keep them at bay. One of the girls calls forward a guard and reveals a Hand tattoo and asks them to put a message out for her. When Wolverine and Gambit arrive in Japan they are picked up by an overly eager taxi driver who agrees to take them to Roppongi district. However, this turns out to be a Hand trap when the driver takes them into a car wash where they are ambushed by Hand ninjas. Wolverine and Gambit easily defeat the ninjas and force the driver to take them to the Roppongi police station. Witnessing this from his car is Matsu'o Tsurayaba. He places a call to Mariko Yashida, whom he is dealing with over the Clan Yashida's criminal assets and asks her if she brought her onetime love to Japan to deal with them. She refutes this, telling him that Logan is in Japan on his own interests and that she is still working on dispensing the Clan's underworld assets. After getting off the phone with Matsu'o, one of her subordinates asks if they should rally Logan to their cause, Mariko refuses to get her love involved in her life until after she has eliminated her clan's criminal dealings.

When the ninjas report their failure to Matsu'o, the Hand leader decides to initiate his contingency plan to deal with Logan. At the Roppongi police station, Jubilee is carted off to an incorrigible minor facility just moments before Wolverine and Gambit arrive to bail her out. As Logan is dealing with the authorities he is pulled aside by Jotaro Isuzu, a member of the Ministry of Trade to discuss the illegal importing of his Harley Davidson motorcycle and another crate that was just shipped in illegally as well. Logan has no idea what they are talking about and agrees to accompany them.

While in the van trucking Jubilee off to the youth detention center, she notices that she has another passenger. The girl introduces herself as Reiko and explains that she was arrested for the murder of her former leader the Yakuza member known as Dai-Komo. She then goes on to explain that has come to slay her and will stab her with a knife that has been tainted with blow fish toxin. When Jubilee tries to defend herself with her mutant powers by blinding Reiko, Reiko shows that she had been blinded by the Hand and that if she succeeds in her mission she will have her vision restored.

Back at the police station, Logan is shown a shipping crate he's never seen before, and Jotaro explains that it contains a cyborg, which is illegal to have in Japan. Before Logan can explain that he had nothing to do with its import, Cylla activates and breaks out of the crate. In the other room, Gambit is flirting with some prostitutes that have been arrested when their attention is diverted by the arrival of Japanese mutant hero Sunfire, who has come to investigate why two of the X-Men are in Japan. Before Gambit can explain the two get the drop put on them by more Hand assassins.

Back in the van, Reiko attempts to stab Jubilee, however the spunky young mutant keeps away. When she mentions her friend "Wolvie", Reiko stops and asks if this "Wolvie" is also known as Wolverine, Patch and Logan.

Back at the police station, Cylla attacks Wolverine and explains that she was made into a cyborg by Donald Peirce and that she is happy to terminate his life in payment for being reborn even though Peirce is long dead[1]. While Cylla and Wolverine spar in one room, Gambit and Sunfire fight off Hand ninjas in another. Seeing Sunfire's involvement in the battle, Matsu'o then sends in more ninjas by the roof and front door to increase his odds of eliminating Wolverine.

Back in the moving van, Reiko kicks open the door and she and Jubilee exit the vehicle. She tells the young mutant that she is sparing her life due to the fact that she is indebted to Wolverine[2] and departs to try and escape from the Hand's wrath for failing in her mission. Not sure what to do, Jubilee is suddenly confronted by Yukio who overheard that Jubilee is a friend of Wolverine's and has decided to see what she can do to help her old friend.

This story is continued next issue...

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