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Synopsis for "We Got Cylla, Can Mothra Be Far Behind?"

Story continued from last issue...

Wolverine and Gambit have gone to Japan to recover Jubilee only to find themselves in a battle in a police station in Tokyo's Ropongi district. While Logan battles Cylla, the last of Donald Pierce's cyborgs upstairs, downstairs Gambit and Sunfire fend off ninjas of the Hand sent by Matsuo Tsurayaba to kill Wolverine. As the battle rages on, Sunfire is reluctant to use his mutant powers due to the fact that they might hurt innocent people caught in the cross fire. As Cylla boasts about her superior abilities, she still fails to do more than keep Wolverine on the offensive. While downstairs, Gambit and Sunfire are forced to use their powers to push back the superior numbers of the Hand ninjas. Ultimately when two ninjas attempt to climb across the ceiling to get past the two mutants and attack Wolverine, Sunfire shoots a bolt of energy through the roof that punches straight through the entire building. This compromises the structural integrity of the buying causing it to partially collapse. In the chaos, the Hand ninjas flee the scene. When Cylla finds herself not only facing Logan, but Gambit and Sunfire as well she retreats as well vowing to get Wolverine at a later date. With the battle over, Logan takes off to try and find Jubilee.

Jubilee meanwhile has been taken to the home of Yukio where Yukio tries to determine the relationship between Jubilee and Wolverine and wonders if the young mutant doesn't have a crush on Logan. When they hear police cars rushing toward the Ropongi police station, Jubilee and Yukio rush off to see what the commotion is. While down by the water front, Reiko visits a criminal named Kojiro who doesn't have ties to the Hand to try and buy safe passage out of Japan. He is not interested in the few trinkets she has to give him and turns her over to Hydra and their leader, Silver Fox, who has need of a good poisoner and tells her that if she provides her with service she will help Reiko get amnesty with the Hand over her failure to eliminate Jubilee.

Back at the ruins of the Ropongi police station, Jubilee and Yukio spot Matsuo and the Hand ninjas and learn that hey failed to eliminate Wolverine thanks to the interference brought by Sunfire. Yukio suggests that they keep taps on Matsuo. Logan and Gambit meanwhile are stopped by Sunfire who tells them that they can't just do whatever they please in his country, however Logan points out that the police station wouldn't have been totaled if it weren't for Sunfire's reckless use of his powers. Sunfire flies off, leaving the men to their own dealings but telling Logan that their business is not finished.

While at the house of Clan Yashida, Mariko continues to make more preparations to turn over the clans criminal dealings to others when she is visited by her brother Keniuchio who demands that the responsibility to be turned over to a man and expresses his disgust that his sister would effect the direction of the family clan on the promises she made to a white man. Wolverine soon arrives with Gambit and almost gets into a clash with the Silver Samurai when Mariko gets in the middle and prevents it from happening.

Before flared tampers can go any further one of Mariko's guards announces that he house has been surrounded by Hand ninjas. Outside Matsuo tells one of his minions to send a message to Mariko to surrender her criminal assets or face death. Watching this from cover, Jubilee asks who owns this property and is shocked when Yukio tells her that it's the home of Wolverine's true love.

This story is continued next issue...


  • Series resumes being published twice a month starting this issue.

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