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Appearing in "Death in the Family!"

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Synopsis for "Death in the Family!"

Continued from last issue...

With the Hand attacking the house of the Yashida family, Wolverine, Gambit and the Silver Samurai have to work together to defend the ancestral home from the siege. Facing near impossible odds, Mariko orders the three mutants to retreat back into the house as it has been rigged with various traps to keep out invaders. As more Hand ninjas rush toward the house, Matsuo is visited by Hydra agents led by Silver Fox. Silver Fox has Reiko as her prisoner and decides to make Matsuo an offer. Watching this from close cover, Jubilee recognizes Reiko and Yukio decides that it's time for them to act by going to the roof tops.

Inside the Yashida home, Gambit wonders how good a defense a maze lined with razor blades could be at keeping their enemies out when Logan points out it's a hard obstacle to travel through when the lights are off and starving dogs are unleashed inside. Entering the private shrine, Mariko asks to be left in private inside with Logan. There Mariko apologizes for being unable to cull the criminal interests within the Yashida clan and wishes they could be married. Logan tells her that she did the best she could and the he will fight for her until the end. She tells Logan that he will need a uniform and pulls out one of his old orange and brown costumes that he left behind the last time they were together, Logan figures it's as good a uniform to use as any given the circumstances.

Outside, while Silver Fox and Matsuo begin conspiring how to use Reiko to their mutual ends, Jubilee and Yukio swing across to the rooftops of the Yashida home. Inside, Wolverine is now in his old costume and interrupts one of the Silver Samurai's speeches against him when suddenly the alarm is tripped: someone has entered the house. It is one person, who just happens to be Reiko who manages to navigate the dark maze well and is able to kill the dogs that come at her. On the roof top, Jubilee and Yukio spot Cylla, who has come to renew her battle with Logan. Cylla attempts to attack the two women punching a hole in the roof, alerting Wolverine of her presence. Having Gambit use his powers to launch Wolverine up to the roof, the feral mutant goes up to deal with Cylla once and for all.

As Wolverine battles Cylla, Reiko comes with a message for Mariko: Matsuo is willing to purchase the illegal operations owned by the Yashida clan at market value and end their feud under one condition -- that Mariko seal the deal by cutting off one of her fingers and presenting it to Matuso as per Hand tradition. To prove that the knife is not poisoned, Reiko stabs it through her own hand. What nobody knows is that the knife is actually laced with blow-fish toxin and that Reiko has developed an immunity by ingesting small amounts of the poison for years. While on the roof, Wolverine manages to fight Cylla to the point where she almost falls off the roof if it weren't for her quickly grabbing onto one of the gutters. While down below, Mariko begins to cut off one of her fingers when the toxin begins to take instant effect. Hearing his lovers screams, Wolverine jumps down to see to her. Realizing that she had poisoned Wolverine's true love, a grief stricken Reiko commits suppuku with the Silver Samurai's sword.

Wolverine takes his dying lover into her shrine where she asks Wolverine to stop her painful death by putting her out of her misery. While above, Yukio and Jubilee deal with Cylla by cutting loose a power line that connects with her, shorting her out and sending the cyborg cashing to the ground, however Cylla survives this attack and crawls away. While inside, Wolverine agrees to his loves request and kills her with his own claws.

This story is continued in Wolverine (Vol. 2) #60...

Solicit Synopsis

In this second bi-weekly issue, Wolverine's journey to Japan takes a tragic turn as a consortium of villains kill Lady Mariko. Will Wolverine allow his berserker rage to consume him?

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