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Still reeling over the death of Mariko Yashida, Wolverine is walking back from a training session in the X-Mansion when he overhears Barton Hoff, a wealth lumber baron and colleague of Charles Xavier. Barton had heard rumors that Xavier did more than just run a school for "gifted" youngsters and asks for his assistance in rescuing his daughter Alice who has been kidnapped by a radical eco-terrorist group called the Nature Defense League. Xavier, in order to keep his ties to the X-Men secret from public knowledge is forced to decline any aid telling Barton that he just runs a normal school. Walking into Xaviers study after the two men leave, Wolverine sees that Barton had left behind a scrap book with momentos of his daughter and decides to do something about it. Heading upstairs, he runs into Jubilee whom he grabs and takes with him on his mission.

They travel to Oregon where Barton's lumber empire has land used for cutting and disguise themselves as brother and sister in the hopes of trying to get a close connection with the NPL so that they can learn what happened to Alice. However, no matter how hard they try to get people to talk, nobody seems interested in talking to outsiders. Deciding to take a different approach, the two decide to stake out some of Barton's properties. Sure enough they catch a member of the NPL named Lance in the process of putting a grenade in one of Barton's construction vehicles. Wolverine jumps into action however his sudden attack causes Lance to pull the pin on his grenade. Logan quickly tackles the man, knocking them clear of the blase. After stopping a firing pile of machinery from landing on them, Logan is attacked by Lance. However, Wolverine gains the upper hand in the fight and demands that Lance provide some answers. Lance, every the loyal extremist, decides instead to take death and purposely impales his heart on some shrapnel, dying instantly.

Wolverine and Jubilee take Lance's body to the local morgue where Wolverine calls in a favor from the mercenary known as Terror. Terror replaces one of his eyeballs with that of Lance's and begins telling them that the NPL is led by a man named Johnny Bloodcede, who has formed his organization and has turned it into a cult for environmental fanatics who are willing to take extreme measures to protect nature. He explains that Bloodcede gives regular sermons and has begun calling himself Monkeywrench.

Before they can say anymore, Monkeywrench arrives to recover the body of his follower along with his minions, the diminutive pair Paul and Bunyan, and the females known as the Pick Axis. As Wolverine goes after Monkeywrench he finds that the madman has armed himself with specially made spikes that are rigged to explode. Jubilee is chased after by Paul and Bunyan who are armed with a large saw, however Terror gets in their way and has himself sawed in half for his troubles. He takes advantage of the fact that he is in a morgue and begins to look for replacement legs right away. As Wolverine fights off Pick Axis, Jubilee and Terror deal with Paul and Bunyan. Despite their efforts though Monkeywrench manages to recover Lance's body and the NPL members make a break for it. When Wolverine tries to go after them, Monkeywrench surprises him by driving a spike into his chest.

The recoil from being struck by Monkeywrench's hammer sends Wolverine crashing out a window and out into the cold outdoors. While Wolverine knows that his Adamantium bones and healing factor will see that he will survive having the spike lodged into him, he is more concerned on what will happen when the spike explodes.

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