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Continued form last issue...

With an explosive stake rammed into his chest by Monkeywrench, leader a fanatical offshoot of the Nature Defense League, Wolverine has Terror and Jubilee take him to frozen-over river where he hopes the cold water will slow the detonation of the spike long enough for Logan to safely remove it from his chest. Despite his attempts to battle the freezing cold, his survival instinct kicks in and Wolverine struggles free from Terror's grip sending him into the water and carried away by it's current. Poking his claws up through the ice allows Terror to track him and grab him before he is swept away. In pulling Logan up, Terror also pulls out the spike lodged in his chest and the three make a break for it before the spike harmlessly explodes in the water. With the immediate crisis over, Logan and the others begin planning how to rescue Alice Hoff from Monkeywrench and settle the score with the eco-terrorist.

That night deep in the woods Monkeywrench is giving another extremist environmental sermon to his loyal followers. He turns his attention to Alice Hoff and demands that she pledge her loyalty to her cult. She refuses telling him that he joined Jake Grenfire and the NDL to protest damage to the environment not to use violent means and killing people. Monkeywrench is furious by this and tells Alice that he plans on making an example out of her.

While elsewhere at a gas station bathroom, Jubilee and Terror keep a drunk away while Logan is chopping his hair so that he might infiltrate the NDL extremists in disguise. The following day he joins the pacifist branch of the NDL in chaining themselves up to construction equipment owned by Barton Hoff's company. When the extremists arrive to try and recruit members of Grenfire's group, Logan puts on a ruse with Grenfire to convince the extremists that he is a willing recruit. They fall for the trick and accept Logan into their ranks. Once Logan is led off, Terror and Jubilee follow after. Elsewhere int he woods, Monkeywrench has Alice tied and gagged at the top of a huge tree rigged with many explosive spikes, hoping to give her an ironic death in his crusade against Hoff's company.

Later when Monkeywrench initiates Logan into the NDL in a ceremony, Logan picks up Alice's scent off Monkeywrench and then drops his cover, head-butting the extremist in the face and running off into the woods to try and find Alice. The other extremists attempt to capture Logan but end up getting caught up in traps set by Terror and Jubilee. When Monkeywrench attempts to attack Logan, he simply slashes the eco-terrorist in the chest and continues on his search for the kidnapped girl. Finding her up in the tree, he climes it (taking pains to not set off the spikes inside) and as he is untying her, Monkeywrench arrives and strikes the tree setting off the explosive spikes. Logan grabs the girl and jumps from the tree, cushioning their fall. Leaving Alice with Jubliee and Terror, Logan goes after Monkeywrench and corners him in the woods. Extracting one of his claws he pays Monkeywrench back for impaling him in the chest with a spike the night before.

At the Hoff site, Barton Hoff meets with Jake Grenfire and promises to stop logging if he returns his daughter. when Jake explains he had nothing to do with her kidnapping, Wolverine confirms this when he returns with Alice safe and sound. With father and daughter reunited, Logan warns Barton to not to change his business practices because his daughter was kidnapped, but to do it genuinely. When Barton tells Logan that he will, Logan cautions him that he will be watching.


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