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Synopsis for "Roughhouse!"

Continued from last issue...

Karma has traveled to the royal home of Prince Baran, ruler of Madripoor hoping to free the captured Lindsay McCabe, Jessica Drew and Tyger Tiger. Feigning having a stalled car she uses her possession abilities to take control of one of the palace guards to get inside. However, her awe at the Prince's wealth causes her control over the palace guard to slip. Before he can capture her he is knocked out by Patch, who has broken into the castle with Archie Corrigan who are on the same mission as she. As they sneak through the castle, Karma explains her situation, telling Patch that she started working for her corrupt uncle because her siblings had gone missing and after exhausting all other resources she hoped that her uncles underworld contacts might prove useful in finding them. Finding that the moral price of siding with her father to be too high, she had decided to turn on him and redeem herself by saving Jessica and the others. As they travel through the court yard they almost stumble into the grasp of a tentacled creature that the prince has living in his fountain.

Elsewhere in the castle, Lindsay and Jessica are prisoners of Coy, and have been forced into slave clothes for his, Bloodscream and Roughhouse's personal amusements. Despite their capture Coy has kept the women alive for two reasons: the first to make them suffer for getting in his way, and second to try and force them to give up the key to the indestructible suit of armor they have placed Tyger Tiger in. Coy's minions at first do not believe the armor from Landau, Luckman and Lake to be indestructible but soon learn the truth when they attempt to breach it. When they refuse to play ball, Coy is about to hurt Lindsay when Patch suddenly enters the room and slashes Bloodscream's throat, seemingly killing him in the process. Patch is then attacked by Roughhouse, who manages to knock Patch out of the palace through a wall, but Logan takes him down by stabbing him in the gut with his claws. As he enters the room to go after Coy, Bloodscream (having healed from his attack) grabs hold of Patch and starts draining his blood. However before he can sap all of Logan's blood he is taken under the control of Karma.

As Patch struggles to get back into the fight, Roughhouse tosses him outside and goes after him. When Bloodscream breaks free of Karma's control Archie attempts to bluff Coy into surrendering by threatening to shoot his niece. Coy calls his bluff and distracts Archie long enough for Bloodscream to get near and disarm him. As Logan battles Roughhouse outside, Jessica attempts to fight Bloodscream. When she realizes his very touch can make her bleed she is assisted by the revived Tyger Tiger. With Tyger safe from Bloodscream's blood-draining abilities, Jessica goes outside to help Patch battle Roughhouse. There the trio of combatants are grabbed by the creature, however Patch manages to cut them free with his claws.

Inside Tyger manages to knock out Bloodscream sending Coy fleeing to seek cover. Calling for Roughhouse the would-be crime czar is shocked to find that Jessica and Logan have knocked him out as well. Logan is about to slay Coy when he is stopped by the arrival of Prince Baran and his palace guard, who tells them that only he has the power to call for an execution in his own palace.

This story is continued next issue...

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