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Appearing in "Prophecy"

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  • Kazakh Border Guards (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "Prophecy"

Ottawa, Canada: Wolverine has come to the Prophecy hostle thinking it's 1968 and that he is on a mission to deal with Terry Adams. He goes up to old room number Vol 1 23, where his original mission would have left him a cache of weapons, money and various fake identifications. Sure enough, even though so much has changed in the decades that have passed, they're still there. Taking a crowbar to the floor boards he is unearthing the stash when he is visited by the spirit of Janice Hollenbeck, whom he tells that he was inspired to come here after he had a hallucination while playing pinball in Westchester, and decided to finish his mission involving Terry Adams. When he leaves, his room is inspected by the hostel owners who find nothing but weapons and decide that it's best to call the RCMP.

While at the X-Mansion, the X-Men find Wolverine's room in shambles. Professor Xavier blames himself, as he explains to his students that he had attempted to unlock the memory blocks in Logan's mind causing him to lose his mind and think that it's 1968 and that he must finish his mission regarding Terry Adams. The X-Men begin to quickly scramble to find their teammate before he hurts someone. Storm visits with John Wraith and learns that Terry Adams was not a real persons name, but code for something else and that Maverick would be the only surviving member of Team X that would have remembered the full mission details. After some searching, Jean Grey reports to Jubilee that they had traced Wolverine from Ottawa, as he traveled from Pakistan to Afghanistan and finally entering Kazakh, this news brings good cheer to the young mutant.

This however is not such a good thing, as despite the fake Russian security identification, Wolverine's true citizenship is exposed to some Kazakh solders spying on him when he pays a man to unload his luggage onto a bus with American money. As Logan rides the bus they are stopped by the security forces who burst in and gun down the hallucinating Logan. Stealing all his clothes, they leave him for dead with nothing but his Wolverine costume, to feed the vultures and wild dogs who are now attracted by the smell of his blood.

This story is continued next issue...


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