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Quote1.png What do you know about wave anomalies? Only he, the positive pole of the universe, the primal flux, as it were, can make one -- and he's not here, is he? Is he?? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Induction in the Savage Land!"

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Synopsis for "Induction in the Savage Land!"

Wolverine, Rogue and Jubilee have been assigned by Professor X on a mission to search the Savage Land to confirm or deny rumors that Magneto might still be alive[1]. Arriving in the Savage Land, they begin to unpack and Wolverine wonders if Rogue is up to the job[2] when they are attacked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. After a brief struggle, Wolverine sends the creature packing when he pokes it in the rear with his claws. They then set up their security perimeter with a force field built by Forge and call into Professor X to report in. Their communications are cut short due to the natural communications interference caused by the Savage Land. Rogue and Wolverine both head out to hunt for signs of Magneto, leaving Jubilee behind to catch up on her studies.

As Wolverine stalks through the forest, he spots a number of the Fall People being led by three of the Savage Land Mutates: Barbarus, Amphibius and Equilibrious and wonders what's going on. Rogue meanwhile is flying toward ancient citadel, worrying that her eyesight is still sensitive to light[3]. As she searches the citadel for magnetic anomalies she is confronted by Brain Child who rants and raves about a being called the "primal flux", before she can get any answers out of him she is clubbed from behind by Gaza.

While back at home camp, Jubilee finds it difficult to focus on her studying and decides to take time to mock the dinosaurs that are futilely trying to break through the force field and make her their next meal. As she is explaining that the only way anything can get to her is by coming from above, she is snagged by a Pterosaur that is controlled by one of a savage who carries her off.

While elsewhere, Logan tracks the Mutates and their followers to a temple where he witnesses as they are about to sacrifice some of the Fall People to their leader and decides to get involved and attacking the Mutates followers. Jubilee meanwhile is dumped into cave by the Pterodactyl flier and when she tries to escape she finds that it is on the side of a cliff face and struggles to avoid falling to her death.

Rogue comes too and finds herself chained to a wall, as she looks around her surroundings she finds a shelf where it looks like something that once conformed to the shape of Magneto's helmet must have been. Before she can break free from her shackles, Brain Child and Gaza return and warn her against breaking free. Brain Child explains that her chains are rigged to an evolution machine and that if she breaks free it will blast her and regress her to a primitive state. When he tells her that he intends to bring her to his master, Rogue presses him for answers as to the identity of his master, but Brain Child cannot divulge that information, but can only tell her that his master lives.

Back in the temple, Logan tries his best to fight off the tribes people when the Mutates get involved in the fight. Equilibrius slows Logan down enough, however he manages to fight off the Mutates and demands to that he be brought to their leader. It turns out that Logan need to be brought to him at all as he reveals himself, and it's Sauron. With Sauron threatening to kill Wolverine, Logan -- spoiling for a fight -- is more than happy to let him try and leaps toward the pterodactyl man ready for a scrap.

This story is continued next issue...

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  1. Magneto was believed to be dead following the events of X-Men Vol 2 2 and the X-Men were getting to consider that he might still be alive following Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 300
  2. She had a romantic fling with Magneto back in Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 274
  3. After being blasted in the face by Strobe in X-Men Vol 2 16
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