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Continued from last issue....

Tahoe, Nevada, Mr. Fixit has been hired out as a favor from his boss Berengetti to help out one of his fellow crime bosses. The crime lord explains that he has begun working with a man from the far east that apparently was of high repute however recent news has left this crime lord wondering and has asked Mr. Fixit to travel out to Madripoor to investigate it. The Hulk takes the job and when the crime boss offers him a position, Hulk respectfully declines.

In Madripoor at the palace of Prince Baran, Patch, Jessica Drew, Lindsay McCabe, Karma her uncle and the unconscious Bloodsport and Roughhouse are now before Prince Baran himself who has come to interrupt their battle. The Prince is not happy that they have laid waste to one of the wings of his home and killed one of his prized pets, but his tone changes when he sees Lindsay. Recognizing her as an actress, Baran professes that he is a big fan and ushers her off and orders his troops to make everyone comfortable guests, much to the irritation of Coy.

Back in the States, the Hulk's chauffeur Connie stops to fill up his limo for gas. She attracts the attention of a biker gang, who's lead attempts to sweet talk her into a "date". When she refuses their leader Dex punches her in the face and scratches the paint job on the car with his knife. This causes Mr. Fixit to come out of the car, and at first the gang stands up to him, but when he starts trashing their bikes their leader tries to make a break for it. Hulk stops him and warns him that he's a small timer in Las Vegas and that he should learn his place. He then orders the gang to fix the paint job on his car before taking one of their bikes and continuing his trek to the airport.

While in Madripoor, Tyger Tiger paces around her room debating on what to do and how to get out of the indestructible armor she's now trapped in. She's grabbed by Logan and pulled up to the roof. When she calls him Wolverine, he reminds her that Wolverine is "dead"[1] and she should call him Patch. He reasons with her that Coy taking over Madripoor's entire criminal empire would be too dangerous, and that while they both want him dead the best thing to do is allow him to take the abandoned drug and slave markets in Madripoor so that nobody worse than Coy snaps up those black markets. As the Hulk prepares to fly out of LAX, Coy and Tiger make a deal before Prince Baran who has his guards escort them out. After both crime lords are gone, Baran invites Patch, Jessica and Lindsay on a tour of his palace. Lindsay is surprised to find that Baran, a fan of hers, has an entire room dedicated to her and her films with statues made of each of the roles she ever played in Hollywood movies. Lindsay tells Baran that she stopped acting after an encounter with Viper landed her in the hospital[2].

While at the Sovereign Hotel, Coy vents his frustrations over losing complete dominion over the Madripoor crime market. Karma goes into another room to change when she is intruded upon by Roughhouse who is drunk and looking to have "fun" with her. Before he can do anything, Patch attacks him and Karma uses her powers to make him sleep. Karam is glad to see Patch and she tells him her uncle got involved with an American crime boss and since the deal to rule Madripoor's entire criminal market hadn't gone as planned this American mobster has sent his agent Mr. Fixit to deal with her uncle. Despite the fact that Patch considers this predicament fitting for Coy, he agrees to save him from Mr. Fixit for Karma's sake.

After checking his sources to learn what he can about Mr. Fixit, Logan stakes out the Madripoor airport. Sure enough the Hulk arrives and is forced to carry his own suitcases when his valet proves incapable of lugging them around. However, he turns out to be an assassin who pulls a gun on Fixit, but when he shoots the Hulk point blank in the face with his gun, it does nothing but irritate the brute. He calls on an army of men, making Logan realize that he wasn't the only one waiting on Fixit to arrive. Logan decides to lend a helping hand when one of the goons attempts to kill a young girl. Logan and the Hulk easily fight them off and when the Hulk contains an exploding hand grenade in his hand, all the attackers flee in fear. Wanting to get to his hotel by sunrise, Fixit pays Logan to drive him to the Sovereign Hotel. That morning Logan sees why: Mr. Fixit has transformed into a very familiar face, Bruce Banner. Realizing that he's dealing with the Hulk, Logan tries his best not to laugh because he's going to find this job almost too fun.

This story is continued next issue...

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  1. at this time the X-Men were believed to be dead after Uncanny X-Men #227 during this period Logan was taking great pains to maintain this ruse
  2. Spider-Woman #43

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