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Quote1.png Some basement ya got there, bub -- must have some heck of a heatin' bill, huh? Quote2.png
-- Wolverine

Appearing in "Tooth and Nail"

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Synopsis for "Tooth and Nail"

Continued from last issue...

Sent to the Savage Land to find traces of Magneto, Wovlerine, Rogue and Jubilee have found more nothing but trouble. Wolverine now clashes Sauron, who has gathered a cult of loyal followers including the Savage Land Mutates. As he and Logan clash, the ground of his palace opens to reveal a flaming pit below, giving Sauron the ability to fly around Wolverine, giving him an edge in battle. Flying behind Logan, Sauron cuts one of his tendons and sends him tipping over the edge to the fiery pit below. While Jubilee is a prisoner of the Pterodactyl riders of the Savage Land. Having been dumped in the cave of one named Gronk, Jubliee tries to make her escape only to find that the cave is on the side of a cliff face. Falling down, she has the good luck to land on Gronk's Pterodactyl, knocking Gronk off and flying away, however she finds soon enough that she has difficulty controlling the creature.

Back at Sauron's temple, Logan gets his footing back and continues his fight with Sauron, as he begins to gain the upper hand, Logan loses his temper and pops his claws ready to play for keeps. Rogue meanwhile is still a prisoner of Brain Child and Gaza. She is curious of the name of the benefactor that has been here recently but is hard pressed to get the answer out of the two Mutates as they are incapable of mention his name due to a mental block put in their minds. With a lizard currently crawling on her back, Rogue tosses it toward the evolutionary ray and breaks free of her chains, activating the machine and transforming the tiny lizard into a giant dinosaur, instead of striking her. As the creature terrorizes Brain Child and Gaza, Rogue knocks it out and then race toward Brain Child. When Brain Child mentions "another upstart" in the Savage Land, Rogue is curiously asks who he is talking about.

At Sauron's temple, Wolverine battles on until he is knocked into the flaming pit below. Dodging the flames, he is soon pelted and buried by rocks tossed on him by those above that are loyal to Sauron. Rogue meanwhile heads back to their camp to tell her friends that Sauron is on the loose but find that both Wolverine and Jubilee are missing. Jubilee is being chased by Gronk who is trying to save face after Jubilee humiliated him. Using her walkman as a primitive bolo she beans him in the face and sends him falling to the ground below. Not wishing her attacker to fall to his death, Jubilee is surprised when her Pterodactyl begins following her mental commands. When the other Pterodactyl riders see that she mastered the ability to communicate with her "steed", they welcome her as one of their own and take her off to celebrate. When she notices that there are dinosaurs being herded off some place she follows after them to find out what's going on.

Finally, back at Sauron's citidel, Wolverine uses his claws to pry the rocks off of him and get free so that he might climb out of this flaming pit and resume his battle with Sauron. However, Sauron has other ideas, as he had foreseen the possibility of Logan freeing himself and has called had his minions herd in a stampede of dinosaurs in through an access tunnel to trample him to death.

This story is continued next issue...

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