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Synopsis for "Triassic Park"

Continued from last issue...

Trapped in a flaming pit beneath Sauron's Savage Land palace, Wolverine must deal with the immediate threat posed by an army of dinosaurs that Sauron's minions have herded down there to trample him to death. However, Wolverine won't remain a sitting target and begins trying to use the dinosaurs as a means of climbing out of the pit he's been tossed in. Just then, Rogue -- having followed the dinosaurs being herded to the citadel -- arrives and gets caught up in a fight against Sauron. As the two battle, Wolverine gets caught in the maw of a dinosaur and becomes a part of a tug of war between a number of the creatures. Logan isn't one to give up however and going into a full berserker fury he slays all the dinosaurs attacking him and climbs out of the pit. Bloodied and beaten, Wolverine still has a lot of fight left in him and asks who's next. Sauron's followers are smart enough to know when they've met their match and flee the scene.

Rogue meanwhile has Sauron on the ropes, however he manages to slam he into the ground. Although Rogue is down, this leaves an opener for Wolverine to grab Sauron. Holding him over the pit, he threatens to drop him down for the dinosaurs to eat when Rogue stops him. Rogue convinces Wolverine that if they spare Sauron he can help them on their mission and they in turn can help him. Wolverine agrees and lets Sauron go, Sauron orders his minions not to attack them and then asks how the two X-Men can help him. Wolverine has the answer by landing a knock out blow.

They take him back to the Citadel where Rogue found Brain Child and Gaza, who are waiting on them to return to mount a counter attack. Getting the trop on them, they foil this plot and ask for their help. They strap Sauron to the evolution device with the intent of using it to change him back to Karl Lykos. Sauron scoffs at their notion of civility and desire to change him back. He explains that he and Lykos are but two different entities, if they were to change him back to normal they would slay Sauron so that Lykos could win and questions the nobility in that. Despite Brain Child's attempt to convince them that this is just a trick and that Lykos and Sauron are one and the same, Logan decides to let him go and tells Sauron to hurry up and leave before he changes his mind.

Just then the Blackbird arrives carrying Storm and Bishop who have been dispatched to collect the others after Xavier grew worried about their long absence without radio contact. Seeing the giant metallic fist that was kept in the citadel and the evolution ray, Logan believes this is the evidence that Xavier sent them to find and has Bishop help him load it up in the Blackbird.

Upon boarding the Blackbird, Bishop and Storm explain why they were dispatched and Logan and Rogue find that they picked up Jubilee first. They explain that they saved Jubilee from a festivity among the Pterodactyl riders that turned out to be a wedding ceremony, one that was rather embarrassing for Jubilee to endure: As it turns out the Savage Land natives mistook her for a boy and were forcing her to marry another woman, something the others all get a good laugh out of. As they fly home, Storm asks what the artifacts they found could mean, and Logan can only figure that it can only mean trouble for the X-Men.

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