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Sentinel 3.14159

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Synopsis for "Sleeping Giant"

Wolverine and Jubilee have been dispatched by Professor X to search around the former headquarters of the Reavers following the death of the group at the hands of Sentinels[1]. As they search around the complex they come across the ashen remains of Cole, Bonebreaker and Reese and a number of heavily damaged Sentinels from the future. As they look around Jubilee finds the location where she hid out when she was accidentally teleported to Australia just before she joined the X-Men. This triggers a memory of when she found Wolverine crucified[2] and becomes upset and wants to leave. Logan wants to continue searching and they come across the ruins of the lab where Donald Pierce made his cyborgs and note that the tanks with the fluid used to make his creations is leaking out. When they find that it's pouring on a deactivated Sentinel surrounded by some live wires, Jubilee convinces Logan to kill the power. As they continue to search, they are completely unaware of the fact that the Sentinel that has been soaking in the fluid has reactivated and detected them and is beginning it's prime directive to eliminate all mutants.

As Logan and Jubilee wander the halls, they come across a severely damaged cyborg dingo that Pierce used to employ and Wolverine puts it out of it's misery. As Jubilee and Wolverine leave to go find Gateway to teleport them back home, the Sentinel begins a repair sequence, cannibalizing parts from the Reavers lab and recharging itself from the generator that powers the base. Detecting that it's two targets have moved outside, the Sentinel goes out there to find them.

Outside at the mound that Gateway usually perches himself on, Wolverine and Jubilee finds that he is gone, but there is a large time space vortex in his place. Peering Gateway through the vortex, Jubilee reaches out to try and touch him despite Logan's warnings. Jubilee finds herself pulled into the vortex, but Wolverine grabs her legs and tries to pull her out. Jubilee's body materializes partway out of the television at her family home prior to her parents death. Her parents are upset at her sudden appearance and wonder if this is a display of her mutant powers. Jubilee realizes she has appeared on the day that her parents died in a car crash and tries to warn them not to go out on a drive to Mulholland Drive. They ignore her and when the door bell rings, Jubilee witnesses as two armed men named Reno and Molokai have come to kill a Dr. Lee. Taking them at gun point the two thugs plot to take them for a "ride". When Jubilee attempts to stop them with her mutant powers, they shoot at her, but she is pulled out of the vortex by Logan. Back in the present, Jubilee demands that Logan let her go back and prevent her parents death. Logan holds her back and she blasts him in the face with her powers, and stops when she realizes what she's done. Logan tells her that you can't change the past. Logan then comforts his companion as she bursts into tears.

The Sentinel, meanwhile, has come to the surface and upon gazing at the stars it feels wonderment and realizes that it has gained sentience. While back at the mound, Jubilee tells Logan that what she saw confirms her suspicions that her parents were murdered. As she recalls the day her parents died, Jubilee recalls she was on her way to go shopping in Beverly Hills with her friends when they noted that she briefly vanished and reappeared. After Logan explains that her past self was likely briefly shunted out of reality when he future self traveled there, she continues to explain that after her parents were killed she was offered to be taken in by her neighbors, Chinese immigrants who also had the same last name Lee, whom she and her parents did not like, and is the reason why she ran away and lived in the mall prior to joining the X-Men. She suddenly realizes that the hit men who murdered her parents likely got the wrong Lees and vows to get revenge against them.

Jubilee's recollection is interrupted by the arrival of the Sentinel and it announces it's presence to them. It explains to them the electrolyte bath it was soaking in gained it sentience and that it has overridden it's original programming having gained sentience. When Logan asks what it plans on doing, it explains that it's prime directive to protect all humans has been eliminated and that it intends to initiate a plot to benefit Sentinel kind and seeks to access the time vortex for it's purposes. Not wishing to let it destroy all life on Earth, Wolverine and Jubilee attack the mutant hunting robot. During the fight Jubilee is surprised to find that her mutant powers have gotten stronger, but they do her little luck as the Sentinel grabs her and threatens to kill her if Wolverine doesn't stop his attack and allow it to access the time vortex.

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