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Synopsis for "Northern Dreams"

Having left the X-Men since Magneto ripped the Adamantium from his body, Logan has been riding up to Canada to pay a visit to his old friend Heather McDonald up in Canada. While riding on the highway to Ottawa, he brakes to avoid running down a fox chasing a rabbit, but ends up being thrown from his bike. The rabbit is killed in the crash and the fox is injured. Logan gets scraped up pretty bad, and notes that his healing factor is still not working as well as it used to. Realizing that the fox is in a world of hurt, Logan watches as some wild dogs run after it to make it's meal. He tries to go after them to save the fox but ultimately loses them in the woods.

Going back out to the highway, he finds three bikers waiting by his downed motorcycle. Thinking they might attack him, Wolverine pops his bone claws, causing him extreme pain and makes him black out. Shocked by what they saw, the bikers decide to help him out and begin checking his pockets for identification.

While in New York City, Ronald Parvenue tells Lady Deathstrike that he's received reports that Logan has been spotted crossing over the Canadian border and suggests that Lady Deathstrike might want to take a limo and go after him in order to extract his Adamantium laced bones.

In Ottawa the next day, Heather Hudson is putting things away when there is a knock on the door. She answers it and finds the bikers that found Logan the night before, with nothing to go on but an address that Logan had in his pocket, the bikers have brought him here out of kindness for a fellow "brother". While down the highway where Wolverine originally wiped out, Lady Deathstrike orders her drive to stop. Getting out, she picks up Logan's scent and tells the drive to keep going. Logan meanwhile is still out of it and is haunted with nightmares of his past: the days when he was a secret agent, his capture and experimentation by the Weapon X program, and lastly he is haunted by the specter of Mariko Yashinda. He wakes up from his nightmare after reliving the memory of having his Adamantium ripped out by Magneto. He is awoken by Heather who tells him he was dropped off on her door two days ago, Logan finds it funny that he's been out for two days, and is still tired.

The next morning, Logan is up shaving and telling Heather what happened to him, and remarks how when he cuts himself shaving he bleeds like a normal man instead of his healing factor closing up the wound quickly. When Heather asks him if it's so bad to be almost a normal person now, he wonders if he should start having a normal life now... however much is left of it. Lady Deathstrike has followed Logan's scent to the bikers that saved him earlier. Finding them in a bar, she changes into her costume and confronts them for the location of Logan. When they try to attack her, she easily kills some of them and begins demanding answers from the survivors.

Back at Heathers place, Wolverine has Heather use her government connections via her membership in Alpha Flight to begin looking into information about his past. Cross referencing information on Hines brings up a paper on immunology involving metal grafting, immune systems and body regeneration. This makes Logan realize that the Adamantium in his body helped regulate his healing factor and the only person who could shed some insight on why his healing factor is greatly reduced is dead and gone. Their research is interrupted when Puck enters the room to tell them that a suspicious looking limo has been circling the neighborhood all day. Before Logan and Puck can go investigate, Lady Deathstrike suddenly bursts through the window.

This story is continued next issue....

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