Quote1.png I have been cheated of my birthright... my human essence and now... my just and long-awaited revenge -- but I will not be cheated of my honor gaijin dog! Quote2.png
-- Lady Deathstrike

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Synopsis for "The Lady Strikes"

Continued from last issue...

Logan's visit to Heather Hudson is interrupted by the arrival of Lady Deathstrike, who has come hunting down Logan again in order to extract his Adamantium laced bones, completely unaware that Logan no longer possesses them since Magneto ripped it out of his body a short time ago. He attack sends both her and Logan crashing through Heather's house and sending Puck and Heather sprawling. Ending up in the kitchen, Logan turns on the oven and sure enough Lady Deathstrike's cybernetics set off the gas in side, causing an explosion sending them both crashing down into the basement.

As the battle rages on, Ronald Parvenue watches amusingly from his car, while inside the house Heather changes into her Vindicator outfit and rushes downstairs with Puck to help Logan out against Lady Deathstrike. As the battle rages on, Parvenue convinces a woman to not call the authorities. While down below, Puck and Vindicator tangle with Lady Deathstrike. When she mentions that she has come to take Wolverine's Adamantium claws, Wolverine pops his claws to show her that he no longer has any Adamantium left in her body.

Upon closer examination and getting an explanation of Wolverine's recent run in with Magneto that saw him stripped of his Adamantium bones, Lady Deathstrike notes that Wolverine is still bleeding when he pulls his claws back in. He confirms to her that his healing factor is not working so well either. Shocked by this revelation, Lady Deathstrike actually feels a moment of sympathy for Logan's current ordeal. However, Logan isn't finished yet, he angrily tells her off for wasting her life and becoming a cyborg-freak in order to get revenge only to have nothing to show for it. He has her vow that her vendetta against him is over now that she has no reason to go after him anymore or he swears he will fight back in spades. Removing her helmet, Lady Deathstrike agrees and flees, vowing that while she has been cheated out of her humanity, family heritage and revenge, she has not lost her honor and departs. With Lady Deathstrike gone, Wolverine apologizes for bringing his fight to her home, Heather however simply brushes it off by saying she's always wanted to redecorate.

As Deathstrike and Parvenue are driving back to New York, Lady Deathstrike explains what happened at the Hudson house and that for now her vendetta against Wolverine is over. When she tries to explain him why they are confronted by Cylla and Bloodscream, both of whom have come to get the right from Lady Deathstrike to pursue their own vendetta against Wolverine. Not caring one way or the other she allows them to do so and they rush off into the night to track down their hated enemy. Logan meanwhile says his goodbyes to Heather and Puck, giving Heather a bunch of money to help her repairs before riding off into the night. The following morning Logan stops to have a meal at a diner and leaves, completely unaware that Bloodscream and Cylla are closing the gap between them and are looking for revenge.

This story is continued next issue....

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