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Wolverine has come to Scotland and is pulling money out of the bank from his account when he is stopped by a tactical police squad. As it turns out, someone by the name of Logan had come to this bank branch earlier in the day, a man with Adamantium skin, and attempted to rob it. However, before they can run a perplexed Logan in, they are stopped by a woman named Zoe Culloden who has qualifications that put her above the police and they retreat quietly and leave Wolverine in her hands. Having a full dossier on Wolverine, Zoe is not sold on the fact that she is dealing with the real Logan when she scans his body and finds zero traces of Adamantium in his body. Logan asks to see the security photos of the man who robbed the bank and recognizes the attacker as his old foe Cyber. When Zoe asks to see some credentials that prove that he really is Logan, he extracts one of his bone claws to show her.

While at Edinborough University, Cyber pays a visit to the department of anatomy where he forces the professor to show him ancient bones that were dug up by William Burke. Seeing these bones inspires the insane Cyber to go after Wolverine for the purposes of taking his Adamantium bones for himself so that he can have them in addition to his Adamantium laced skin.

Wolverine meanwhile learns that Zoe is a member of Landau, Luckman and Lake and she invites him into her office above the bank. She explains to Logan that she has spent a long time studying him and that she was an associate of his friend Chang[1]. She believes that Logan may have killed him and starts attacking him, Logan defends himself with his Honor Sword. As Cyber returns to the scene of his earlier attempted bank heist and cause a rampage to draw Logan out, Logan continues his fight with Zoe. He tosses his sword at her and tells her that the creature that killed Chang was killed with his sword and that she can scan the traces of blood on it if she wants proof. Just then Cyber attacks, and their fight takes them out into the stair well. As Logan battles Cyber, Zoe considers what Logan has told her.

Logan and Cyber's fight brings the authorities to their location and ultimately Wolverine pops his bone claws and attempts to use them against Cyber. During the fight, Cyber pins Logan on the ground and smashes three of his claws with his fist causing Logan extreme pain. Before Cyber can take advantage of this, Zoe drops her filing cabinet on him and grabs Logan and runs. Confirming that he likely killed Bloodscream, Zoe decides to help Logan escape from Cyber and takes him to her sports car. As they speed off, Logan tells her that he needs to get to Muir Island.

This story is continued next issue...

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  1. Seen and murdered in Wolverine Vol. 2 #5

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