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Synopsis for "...In The Forest of The Night!"

Continued from last issue..

Wolverine wakes up from a nightmare where Cyber is savagely attacking him to find that he and Zoe Culloden are still speeding toward the highway in Scotland, heading for a port to get to Muir Island. Not certain if Cyber breaking three of his bone claws was real or not, Logan extracts them and reels in pain as three broken claws pop out of his hand. While back in Edinburgh, the police collect what they think is Cyber's dead body to be taken away in an ambulance. As the ambulance drives away Cyber revives and slaughters the drivers and armed guards aboard the vehicle and takes control of it so that he can resume his pursuit of Logan.

Logan meanwhile orders Zoe to pull over at a pub where he refuses medical aid or the use of drugs to ease his pain and settles instead for going into the bar and downing a bunch of drinks. She once more asks Logan if he is certain that the creature that killed her protest Chang was really slain by his Honor Sword, a fact that Logan confirms. However, Wolverine couldn't be more wrong as at that moment in Logan, Alberta, the police come to collect the dead bodies of Bloodscream and Cylla and are shocked to find that Bloodscream's body is missing. Bloodscream has fled to a nearby high way where he transforms into his monstrous form and attacks a couple, draining them of their blood and stealing their vehicle so that he can continue his hunt for Wolverine.

Back in Scotland, Wolverine has been kicked out of the bar for getting drunk and he finds that in his weakened condition and with his healing factor on a low ebb he can't hold his liquor quite as well as he used to and proceeds to throw up all the whiskey he's drank. Zoe thanks him for killing Bloodscream, however Logan angrily tells her never to thank someone for killing. After Logan pukes some more, he decides that they should resume their trip to Muir Island, hoping the cold air and conversation along the way will sober him up. Meanwhile, Cyber is continuing to track Logan, catching up the distance between them. Up ahead Logan has finished his explanation that without the Adamantium bonded to his bones his healing factor is entirely out of whack and he is at risk of dying. This prompts Zoe to pull out a portable television and bring up a video of a Dr. Jaime Munoz, a scientist who has -- thanks to a DNA sample he received from the Weapon X program -- has learned a way to bond metal to human bone, but he needs more information and experimentation and implores whoever the donor of the sample labelled "Logan" to come out and lend his aid, telling them that he could save his life.

Just then, Cyber catches up to them and tries to run them off the road. Logan jumps out of Zoe's car and smashes through the windshield of the ambulance Cyber is driving. There he battles Cyber but finds himself easily outmatched. Deciding to take drastic measures, Logan douses Cyber in gasoline and releases the valve of a gas cylinder. Lighting a match he jumps out of the vehicle and into Zoe's car as the ambulance suddenly explodes and drives into the nearby water. Zoe then uses some fancy driving to jump onto a ferry boat where Logan demands the drive make a detour to Muir Island.

This story is continued next issue....


  • This issue has become a source of controversy among collectors since the first appearance of X-23, due to the presence of a test tube with two labels: "Logan X" on one, and "#23" on the other. This has led some collectors to claim that this issue is the first appearance or reference to X-23, rather than NYX #3. This connection has been refuted by X-23 co-creator Craig Kyle, who has mentioned that he hadn't even read this issue.[1]

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