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Synopsis for "Storm Warning!"

Continued from last issue...

Following their escape from Cyber, Wolverine and Zoe Culloden have arrived on Muir Island, where Logan's health deteriorates to the point where he begins to hallucinate. Think that Zoe and the arriving Moira MacTaggert, Nightcrawler and Shadowcat are all minions of Magneto seeking to kill him. Zoe tries to tranquilize him but Nightcrawler and Shadowcat think that she is going to shoot Logan with a real gun and knock her down and try to calm their former teammate, however Logan proves to be too savage and feral to stop. Zoe gains her feet and uses her tranquilizer device to incapacitate him and then explains to Logan's friends who she is and why they are here. Moira scans Logan's body and realizes he needs immediate medical attention because he has been poisoned by hallucination [1].

While back on the mainland, the police are sifting the wreckage of the ambulance that Cyber was driving out of the Firth to find that it is empty. Cyber has survived the crash and attacks a wealthy couple going by on a speed boat and uses the vessel to continue his hunt for Wolverine, now more determined than ever to kill his foe.

While back at Muir Island, Wolverine is in the med bay where Moira MacTaggert does a full body scan and learns that his body is pumped full of harmful substances and his body will fail any moment if he doesn't get a dialysis immediately. Wolverine suddenly goes into spasms and everyone watches in horror as it appears that Logan's face regresses to a more primitive form. Moira, needing her concentration to work sends the others out of the room to close the shutters around the island as a storm is coming in. As Cyber get closer to the island, Moira decides that she needs to get the toxins out of Logan's body first and will have to deal with the hallucination last and orders the others to help her move him to one of the neutralization rooms usually reserved for criminally dangerous mutants. As they push him away, Logan (his broken claws on the mend) tries to struggle free, believing that he's being pulled along by a group of Magneto's to his death.

Before they can seal Logan in one of the rooms though Cyber destroys the power generator on the island making it impossible to lock the electronic locks in the containment room without starting up the back-up power supply. Logan breaks free and goes on a rampage, however Shadowcat refuses to flee from him. When he tries to attack her he suddenly sees her as every woman he's cared about and slashes at them, until he realizes what he's doing and shakes off the effects of the hallucination. Kitty remains safe because she was in a phased state the whole time and his claws passed harmlessly through her.

Cyber arrives then and easily fights back Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and Zoe and attacks Logan. With his facilities back, Wolverine lures Cyber into the containment room while Moira and the others activate the back up power. Slamming the door shut, Wolverine is pulled out of the room thanks to Kitty's phasing powers leaving Cyber trapped inside as prisoner. With the threat of Cyber dealt with and back in his right mind again, Wolverine decides to go off with Shadowcat so that the two can catch up with each other.

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  1. excreted from Cyber into him during their fight last issue
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