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Synopsis for "Omnia Mutantur (Everything Changes)"

Wolverine, believing that he is going to die soon has traveled back to Japan to sort out his affairs. He goes to the shrine where he and Mariko Yashida were to get married years previously to pay respects to her memories. He is visited by Yukio who warns him that the Hand is looking to eliminate him so that they can protect tfheir leader Matsuo. Logan thanks her for the warning and tossing his Honor Sword aside he goes outside to face his attackers. When they attack him, Yukio gets involved and tells them to stop, telling them that they have the "wrong" man, that before them is a Logan impostor, pointing out that this man doesn't have Adamantium claws, but ones made of bone. When she suggests that he "real" Wolverine might be attacking their master right now, the ninjas believe her bluff and depart.

After telling Logan that she knows the whole situation from Storm[1], she takes him back to her humble apartment where he tells her that he is getting his affairs in order and they spend time together.

Meanwhile, in Canada, Bloodscream is renewing his hunt for Wolverine, however he feels drawn by powerful magics and arrives at the Siksika burial mound near the Weapon X program facility. There he begins to dig through the bones and is shocked to find Elsie-Dee within the pile of bones. Realizing that the little girl is really an android, he takes her inert body back to the truck he stolen and uses its jumper cables to revive her. When she reactivates she learns that she has been in an inert state for over three hundred years. When she asks if he knows Wolverine, Bloodscream tells her that she does and lies to her, telling her that he is attempting to find him as they are friends. Excited by this, Elsie-Dee digs up Albert who is also in the mound, as she is reactivating him she tells Bloodscream a little about their ordeal in the past and how they were put through a gauntlet by the Siksika tribe. When Albert reactivates, Elsie-Dee fills him in on what has gone on, and when Albert finds that Bloodscream is not human, he lies to them again and tells them that he is a mutant. While on Muir Island, Zoe Culloden pays her leave to Moira MacTagger, Shadow Cat and Nightcrawler. Moira explains that Logan's health is deteriorating, knowing this Zoe leaves telling them that Logan went to Japan to check on his ward and settle his unfinished business there and she departs to look into leads to save Logan's life.

In Japan, Logan's ward Amiko is returning to her care home with classmates who are not very fond of her. They mock her story about how her family was slain by a dragon and that she was saved by a mysterious "brown and orange samurai"[2] and start roughing her up, tearing her school uniform. Logan sees this and breaks up the fight, offering to help Amiko, she rejects his concern (not recognizing him) and running back to her home. Logan follows and finds that posing as Zoe, represents himself as a representative of Landau Luckman and Lake, the people who send money for Amiko's well being. Logan finds that the people caring for the girl are spendthrifts who use the money for their own personal needs and treat the girl poorly. Allowed to talk to her alone for five minutes, she tells Logan that she is waiting for her friend the samurai to send a ninja to save her from her life of squalor before he is kicked out.

Wolverine returns that night in his costume with a paid of pantyhose around his face to take the girl away. He confronts the care takers. When they realize who Logan really is they try to attack him with golf clubs but he slices them with swords. He tells them that he is taking the child and recommends that they look into immigrating out of Japan if they know what's good for them.

Returning to Yukio's home, Wolverine asks her to take care of the girl, however Yukio isn't certain she is up to the task of looking after the needs of a young girl. Just then the Silver Samurai bursts through the door telling Logan that he can see to the girls every need, but will on do so in exchange for the Honor Sword. Wolverine gives it up easy enough, and the Samurai happy to have the sword back in the hands of the ruler of the Yashida Clan promises to take care of Amiko. With all his business in Japan sorted out, Logan says his goodbyes and leaves.

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  1. Yukio had recently battled the Phalanx with the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 312 and 313
  2. See Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 181
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