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Synopsis for "Things That Go Bump in the Night!"

Continued from last issue...

Wolverine, Guardian, Vindicator, Harry Tabenshaw and DeLong are trapped in a northern Canadian research facility surrounded by a growing pack of lupine creatures that resemble the Hunter in Darkness. Locked in the facilities dry storage, the group begins to consider how to get out alive. With the Hudson's colleague Simpson needing immediate medical attention due to the fact her stomach was sliced open by one of the creatures, the men attempt to fight their way through the gathering creatures, but find they are too many and are forced to retreat back to the freezer. Their efforts to save Simpson are in vein however as she soon dies of her wounds. While deciding what to do next, they puzzle over how there can be so many creatures like the Hunter when the Hunter was supposedly the last of it's kind. The Hudson's deduce that these creatures were in suspended animation under the ice until global warming allowed them to thaw enough to free themselves.

They note that the Hunters are very intelligent and there must be a leader of the pack that is directing them all. Sure enough, the original Hunter in Darkness, now much older than when Logan first encountered the creature is giving orders to it's pack. Upon the Hunter's direction they sever the main power cable feeding electricity into the facility. Realizing they have to do something to defend themselves, Logan notes that he creatures don't see very well and that they must view things via infrared and that if they use a fire to obscure the creatures visions he can get to the exo-suit that was piloted by the late Sverdrup and use it to fight off the creatures, believing that because his reflexes were faster than the late physicists he would have more of a fighting chance. Agreeing, the others hold the creatures off with their guns and lighting fires as Logan rushes toward the exo-suit and -- hopefully -- their key to survival.

Elsewhere in the Canadian wilderness, Albert, Elsie-Dee and Bloodscream continue to track down Logan, with Albert using his scanners to lead the way. When pauses to send out another pulse with his long range scanners he detects, to his and Elsie-Dee's surprise, the Hunter in Darkness -- whom they believed they had left behind in the 18th Century. Bloodscream secretly wonders if feeding off the Hunter in Darkness is what it will take to break his vampire curse, and asks them to explain their story. Elsie-Dee explains how they found Wolverine's bones buried in the funeral mound some time ago[1] and that they traded a cruise missile to Mystique and Spiral in exchange for Spiral sending them back in time to investigate how Wolverine could have died in the distant past, teleporting her, Albert and the Hunter in Darkeness back in time. They would find themselves transported back in time and would make friends with the local tribe of Siksika tribe. They would look all over the wilderness to try and find Wolverine, but would find no trace of him, ultimately during their search they would come across creatures that were the same species as the Hunter in Darkness, and the old beast would leave them to join the pack. Shortly thereafter, Albert and Elsie-Dee would go into stasis mode in order to conserve energy. With their tale done, Albert confirms with another scan that the creature he detected was indeed their old ally the Hunter in Darkness.

Back further up north, Logan gets into the exo-suit and uses it to fight off the pack of Hunters. During the battle, Logan comes face to face with an older creature that he recognizes as the Hunter in Darkness. Although the creature has aged considerably since the last time he saw him, the Hunter recognizes Logan as the wild man who saved it from a hunters trap years ago and upon this realization calls all his prodigy back. As they flee, DeLong attempts to shoot them but Logan punches him out. With the threat over, Logan asks Harry if he can fly him back south.

While back in the Alberta wilderness, Albert continues his scan and detects his stealth bomber, telling Elsie-Dee that it was stashed in the Hudson Bay and they decide to go and recover it. Logan meanwhile is taken to the cabin he used to live at with Silver Fox to pay his respects at her grave. Learning from Harry of an old Ojibway tradition where the living would morn the dead by singing a song about their spirit. Enlightened by this tradition, Logan does just that, no longer mourning Silver Fox's loss, but finding joy in all the good memories the two had together.


  • Pencils (story pages): Wagner pages 1-9, 15-19, 21, 22, Labat pages 10-14, 20.
  • Inks (story pages) Banning pages 10-14, 20.

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