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Appearing in "Claws Along The Mohawk"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Wolverine (Logan) (Earth-94102) (First appearance)
  • Forge (Earth-94102) (First appearance)
  • Hunter in Darkness


Other Characters:

  • Siksika Tribe
  • Elsie-Dee (Earth-94102) (First appearance)
  • Albert (Earth-94102) (First appearance)


  • Earth-94102 (First appearance)



Synopsis for "Claws Along The Mohawk"

Story continued from last issue and Cable Vol 1 16....

Having recovered their modified stealth bomber from the bottom of the Hudson Bay, Elsie-Dee, Albert and Bloodscream resume their search for Wolverine. Albert sends out another probe scans but can't get any information because, but his scans are blocked by some alien technology[1]. Bloodscream then speaks up and asks them to explain the full story about their trip into the past, a story that Elsie-Dee is more than willing to tell:

Some time ago, Elsie-Dee, Albert and the Hunter in Darkness were sent back in time by Spiral so that they counld investigate the mystery of ancient Adamantium laced bones that was once Wolverine[2]. They would find themselves in the 18th century landing in the middle of a battle between two warring factions of the Siksika tribe, one group led by the evil Man-Killer Wolf. Albert, Elsie-Dee and the Hunter in Darkness fight off the attackers, mortally wounding Man-Killer Wolf and sending them fleeing. To their shock and surprise they are confronted by Forge, who is much older than last time they met him, but he remembers their last encounter[3]. He takes them into one of the Siksika huts and they meet an older Wolverine. They explain to Elsie-Dee and Albert that they 10 years ahead of their present history, and that hey had come back in time to stop the ancient evil known as the Adversary who has been manipulating Man-Killer Wolf and divided the Siksika tribe to create as much chaos as possible.

While they are explaining things to the two androids, Man-Killer Wolf has returned to his camp and is confronted by the Adversary. The Adversary mocks him for his failure but heals him none the less and possesses his body so that he can participate in killing Wolverine and Forge. Now in a demonic form, Man-Killer Wolf flies to Wolverine and Forge's hut and attacks the two mutants and androids head on. Forge blasts Man-Killer Wolf setting him ablaze and sending him fleeing toward a nearby waterfall. When Elsie-Dee and Albert attempt to accompany Wolverine and Forge in their pursuit, Logan refuses and tells them to keep an eye on the Siksika for them. Elsie-Dee agrees, and when the Siksika demand that Albert walk a gauntlet, he does so -- easily able to walk through their attacks unharmed -- and learns their language. Reaching the end of the gauntlet he takes a ceremonial sword of a warrior chief and is named the new leader of the Siksika. Just then there is a bright flash of light at the waterfall where Wolverine and Forge had chased Man-Killer Wolf and Elsie-Dee, Albert and the Hunter in Darkness decide to go and check it out. Arriving there they find no trace of Logan, Forge, or the Adversary.

Finishing up her story, Elsie-Dee explains thats when the Hunter left them to join his own kind and they eventually went into stasis to conserve their power supplied. Just then Albert gets through the alien interference and detects Logan in Tibet. With a destination found the trio board the stealth bomber and fly off to rendezvous with Wolverine.

In a future time, an armored being runs across the ruins of New York City when his designation as a mutant is detected by a cyborg mutant killer. The mutant killers weapons blast off the beings armor revealing it to be the future Wolverine, who guts the cyborg easily with his Adamantium claws. He then rendezvous with Forge and his mutant resistance. They remark about how they haven't seen each other since they banished the Adversary from the past and were sent back to their own time. When Forge asks what's in the box that Logan is carrying, Logan opens it to revealed the severed head of Elsie-Dee. This comes as a surprise as Albert is a member of Forge's resistance and they are all reunited. Later, upon reaching safety, Elsie-Dee asks why the bones that they found at the Siksika burial mound disappeared during their time travel into the 18th Century. Wolverine and Forge explain that it was a temporal negation, the fact that there were two Logan's, one in the 18th Century and the other at the Crunch[4], it caused a temporal anomaly that altered the course of history, preventing the future Wolverine's death in the past, and ensured that the present day Wolverine lived on in the future.

With everything explained, Elsie-Dee asks Forge to build her a new body, however she is sad that finding her usual token pink dress would be hard to come by in this apocalyptic future, however Wolverine has a surprise for her: Since her old body was destroyed, Logan kept her dress preserved so that she would have one to wear when her new body is ready. Surprised by this, Elsie-Dee tells Logan that she loves him.


  • Credits were originally as follows:

Scribe: Larry Hama
Illuminator: Ron Garney
Maitres De Encre: Al Vey & Bud LaRosa
Scrivener: Pat Brosseau
Applicator Of Hues: Steve Buccellato
Fault-Finder Emeritus: Bob Harras
Da Big Cheese: Tom DeFalco

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