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Appearing in "Showdown In Lowtown!"

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Synopsis for "Showdown In Lowtown!"

Wolverine and Gambit have returned to Madripoor and are outside the Princess Bar when Wolverine's enhanced senses warn him that the bar is full of people, but it's strangely quiet. Expecting some kind of attack, the two burst through the window to find that it is in reality a surprise party being thrown by all of Logan's friends who live in the area. In attendance of the party are Archie Corrigan, O'Donnel, Police Chief Tai, Rose, and Tyger Tiger. When Logan attempts to introduce Gambit, he finds that introductions are not necessary as Gambit is known, at least to the women who are in attendance at the bar.

Logan is most surprise to see Rose, who tells her that she retired from Landau, Luckman and Lake and has bought part ownership of the Princess Bar. Wolverine is then met by Tyger Tiger who wants to tango with him. As the two dance, they are unaware that some Hand ninjas are watching from above, ready to swoop down and attack Logan and kill him. However, they are blasted by some mystery attacker and their dead bodies crash through the sky light. Without skipping a beat, Logan extracts his bone claws and slices the bodies and resumes dancing without so much as missing a single step. With the dance over, Logan and Gambit examine the bodies and find that they were dead before they crashed through the skylight and decide to go up to the roof and investigate.

Up on the roof, Logan notes that whoever killed the Hand ninjas took pains not to leave a scent for him to track. Gambit begins to discuss how Sabretooth is being kept at the X-Mansion[1], and asks to tell him about him[2].

Wolverine relates to a mission from back in his Weapon X days where he, Sabretooth and Maverick were on a mission that went bad quickly. With Sabretooth injured, Logan would refuse to leave him behind and they would flee from their pursuers. With only a flimsy bridge to cross, they would not get the chance to do so as Sabretooth would destroy it, forcing them to turn around and fight their way through the enemy soldiers, and surprisingly they survived the ordeal. Logan finishes his recollection by telling Gambit that while Sabretooth only looks out for his own self-interest and survival, he could rally people together to beat impossible odds.

With their guards down, they are attacked by the mystery gunman who killed the Hand ninjas, sending Wolverine and Gambit on a chase to capture their attacker. Getting past all the attacks, Wolverine would get close enough to realize it is his old Weapon X teammate Maverick. After getting close enough, Logan realizes that Maverick isn't trying to kill him, but is goading him to slay him as well. Getting close enough to disarm his old comrade, Wolverine asks him what game he's playing. Maverick takes off his mask revealing that he is in the middle stages of the Legacy Virus, and that he was seeking to die a warriors death by goading Wolverine into killing him. Wolverine scolds him telling him that he is taking the cowards way out, that he should be doing something to better the world with his talents instead of accepting defeat. Accepting this, Maverick leaves but points out the Wolverine himself has used his own illness to prevent himself from doing what he needs to do as well. Gambit, hearing all this tells Wolverine that Maverick is right and he should consider rejoining the X-Men.

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  1. Since X-Men Unlimited Vol 1 3
  2. Gambit has had a grudge against Sabretooth even since he killed a woman he was in love with. See X-Men Vol 2 33
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