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Quote1 Nobody steals my girl and gets away with it. Quote2

Appearing in "It's D-D-Deadpool Folks!"

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Synopsis for "It's D-D-Deadpool Folks!"

As a favor to James Hudson, Wolverine travels to California to check on James's friend Garrison Kane, the mercenary who now calls himself Weapon X. Finding the apartment he shares with Copycat in shambles, Logan changes into his Wolverine costume and goes inside. There he finds that Deadpool has trashed the place, having come to try and get his ex-girlfriend Vanessa back. This leads to a clash between the two, and Logan finds that Deadpool is a hard opponent to wound due to his own healing factor. Deadpool, having heard of the difficulties that Wolverine has had with his, impales Logan on two of his swords and leaves him for dead. Seeing a poster for the Grand Guigol theater, Deadpool realizes where Weapon X and Copycat have gone and leaves the scene.

Sure enough, Kane and Carlysle have joined up with the theater troop in order to try and establish a normal life after their ordeals with the Weapon X program. Kane finds the life of acting difficult and when the other actors and the director go on break, Vanessa takes the time to give him some coaching. When Kane suddenly shouts out in a perfect shocked surprise, Vanessa realizes that he wasn't acting, but reacting to the arrival of Deadpool. Back at Kane's home, Wolverine regains consciousness and realizes that his healing factor appears to be returning to it's old strength and begins to healing him up quicker. Smashing his face into the framed poster of the Grand Gignol, Logan realizes where Deadpool has gone, and grabbing a robe he takes a ride in a taxi to get there. As Kane and Vanessa defend themselves from the deranged Deadpool, Wolverine is surprised how quickly he is healing. When the brakes on his cab fails, he smashes out and uses one of the passenger doors as a makeshift skateboard to ride him into the theater.

He arrives just as Vanessa and Kane have been downed by Deadpool. Deadpool then tosses one of his swords at each of them, daring Kane to decide which one to go after, the one for going for him or the one going for his lofe. Kane blocks the one aimed at him just as Logan arrives and shields Vanessa from the one meant for her. Outnumber, Deadpool decides to flee the scene and drops down a flash grenade and makes a clean getaway. Later, as Logan mounts his motorcycle to head home, he wishes the two lovers luck on forging a new life, being able to relate to their situation. When Vanessa questions why Kane saved himself instead of coming to her aid, Wolverine explains that if he didn't act for himself first, the sword that was aimed for him would have impaled him through the skull killing him and leaving her helpless to Deadpool. When she mentions that she was saved by Wolverine's timely arrival, he agrees but suggests that she think about what would have happened if he had gotten a cab with good breaks. Logan parts on those words leaving Vanessa to consider the situation.


Continuity Notes[]

  • This is the first official meeting between Wolverine and Deadpool. The two would come to have an ongoing feud. They next meet in Wolverine Annual '95.

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