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Wolverine (Logan)

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Synopsis for "The Mask of Ogun"

Riding into New York City, Wolverine had decided it's time to finally return home to the X-Men when he is suddenly confronted by the Ghost Rider on the George Washington Bridge. With Ghost Rider spouting his usual riddles and having to make a decision which exit ramp to get off at, Wolverine tells Ghost Rider to stop mincing words and just tell him what sort of super-natural threat is manifesting that night. When Ghost Rider tells Logan it's the spirit of his old sensei Ogun, Logan agrees to accompany Ghost Rider into the city to investigate.

They arrive at the Metropolitan Museum where Ghost Rider senses occult forces at work and the two enter the building to find that the guards inside have been knocked out. Pressing further to the Japanese exhibit, Wolverine is shocked to find the mask of Ogun, which he recalls he destroyed some time ago when he slew Ogun himself[1]. Hearing a noise elsewhere in the museum they go to investigate and find that a suit of ancient Japanese warrior armor has been taken from the display. When they hear the sound of shattering glass, Logan realizes it was a distraction and they return to the room they were originally in. There they find the display case containing the Ogun mask has been smashed open and the mask is missing.

They are suddenly attacked by the spirit of Ogun, manifest in the armor and mask. Ghost Rider lashes out first, sending the links of his mystic chain at their attacker deflecting his initial attack. Logan tells the Ghost Rider to back off while he deals with Ogun on his own. As Logan advances for the attack he recalls how in their last encounter Ogun goaded Wolverine into going into a berserker fury and killing him in utter animal impulse and is steadfast on not repeating the same mistake. Ogun surprises Logan by tossing his sword up in the air and telling him to strike while he is unarmed.

This causes Wolverine to think back to the early days when Ogun was first training him. During one exercise he had Logan try to attack him with a practice sword in a bamboo field. Each time Logan swung the sword he would hit bamboo instead of his target, and in response Ogun would slap him hard. Eventually Logan would lose his temper and lash out in animal fury. Realizing that Ogun is attempting to get a similar reaction out of him, Logan remains calm and Ghost Rider deflects the sword before it can strike Logan's head.

Picking up the sword, Wolverine attacks Ogun splitting his mask in half. Although Ogun's face is obscured with mists, Logan sees a face as Ogun's spirit discorporates before him. With the battle over and the dawn rising, Logan wonders if Ogun was not trying to teach him a lesson about maintaining a balance between his human and animal sides.

Meanwhile, at the X-Mansion, Sabretooth is locked in his cell watching a Trish Tilby report about how police have cornered serial killer Linus Dorfman outside of his apartment. Gambit comes down into the room to mock him that Wolverine is returning to the mansion soon and he will enjoy watching Sabretooth squirm. Sabretooth answers by making Remy squirm instead by ramming into the forcefield that keeps him in his cell. When Gambit is alarmed by this, Sabretooth stops and tells Gambit to send a message to Logan when he arrives: If anyone is going to be squirming when the two of them are in the same house, it's going to be Wolverine.

This story is continued next issue...

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  1. See the Kitty Pride and Wolverine limited series
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