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Synopsis for "The Dying Game"

Continued from last issue...

Sabretooth is in his cell watching the television coverage where New York City police violently beat serial killer Linus Dorfman for resisting arrest when suddenly Wolverine enters the room. Sabretooth tries to make Logan flinch by jumping at the force field between them. As Sabretooth tries to push through he mocks Wolverine trying to goad him into a fight for killing his lover Silver Fox[1]. Wolverine tells Sabretooth that he is not going to give into petty revenge and walks out of the room. Sabretooth mocks Wolverine, calling him a sissy and that he'll eventually come back and try to get his revenge.

Logan instead does the exact opposite, deciding to exercise and relax, keeping his mind off Sabretooth and his urge to get revenge. He decides to watch the news while eating, and follows Trish Tilby's coverage of the Linus Dorfman arrest. Logan recognizes Dorfman from a previous encounter[2] and his curiosity as to what happened to him is satisfied. When watching the post-arrest interviews with police, Logan pays particular interest to a psychologist named Dr. Survese who talks about how Dorfman would auto-flagellate himself as a means of becoming more insensitive to pain.

Turning off the TV, Logan decides to get some sleep, but his mind keeps on going back to the interview with the psychologist, and suddenly the report makes him realize something is not right. Down below, Sabretooth has changed into his costume and is watching a late night talk show. When the show ends, Sabretooth believes it's time to act and rams through the force field once more. This time, he is resistive to the pain enough to push all the way through. When he is on the other side, Logan is waiting for him with his restrain muzzle and hand sheaths. He asks Creed once to return to his cell peacefully or be forced. Sabretooth refuses to go down without a fight and attacks Logan.

As the two spar, Wolverine remains on the defensive, seeking only to incapacitate Sabretooth and return him to his cell, not wishing to give into his basic animal instincts or his desire for revenge. Sabretooth has other ideas in mind and continues to taunt Wolverine. Sabretooth goes too far when he tells Logan that when he escapes he's going to hunt down every woman he cared about and make them suffer excruciating pain before murdering them all. This is the final straw and Logan gives into his anger. He smashes Sabretooths face against a wall and then slams him into it again and tells Sabretooth that he is fed up of keeping his wild side in check. When Sabretooth goads him more, Logan puts a hand under his foes chin and extracts two of his three claws. Sabretooth, thinking Logan is still a coward dares him to extract the middle claw. Much to Sabretooth's surprise, Logan does, impaling his claw through Sabretooth's skull. Just then all reality crystallizes and crumbles as this reality is replaced with another one.

The series continues as Weapon X Vol 1 1, this story is continued in X-Men Prime Vol 1 1....


  • Wraparound cover in part painted, in part line art.
  • After this issue the series is retitled Weapon X for the next four months as part of the Age of Apocalypse event.

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  1. Wolverine Vol 2 64
  2. Logan clashed with Dorfman in Wolverine Vol 2 43
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