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Synopsis for "The Lurker In The Machine"

The Dark Riders are transporting Cyber to the land known as Akkaba, where their leader Genesis is awaiting their arrival. Having to fly there by craft and later be led by a guide named Jamil, Cyber learns that the Dark Rider known as Hard Drive could not possibly teleport them to Akkaba as it's location is static. As Cyber inquires as to why he is needed, the Dark Riders do not explain. Cyber is not beyond trying to rowel any of the members up and almost gets into a fight with Spyne before the they trek onward.

Meanwhile, in the rec-room of Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in Massachusetts, the members of Generation X are playing a game of pool. While the game is going on Jubilee waits in increasing anticipation for the arrival of her old friend Wolverine, who was supposed to come by for a visit. It's been five days since he got in touch with her and at this point the other members of Generation X, particularly Skin, who don't hold as much faith in his arrival. However, Chamber detects Logan coming up from behind the school and the members of Generation X are a little surprised to see Wolverine coming through from all the wilderness.

Upon entering the school, Logan is met by it's headmasters Banshee and the White Queen. As he helps himself to food in the fridge he explains how he walked the whole way from New York and how he was capable of slipping past the security systems that Emma had installed around the school. Jubilee is unimpressed with how long it took Wolverine to get to the school. Logan explains that he has gone through some changes and doesn't much like being indoors anymore. When she asks why he bothered coming he tells her it was for two reasons: To pass on his fighting knowledge to the students, and because she had written to him and asked him to come down personally.

Wolverine begins his session in the Bio-Sphere with Synch, Skin, Husk, M and Jubilee on how to fight. He begins by teaching them to have the right attitude, and that if they are going to fight it better be to the finish otherwise they have no business to fight at all. Monitoring the session is Banshee and the White Queen, Emma is a little apprehensive about Wolverine teaching the students after hearing about how he dealt with Cannonball previously[1], however Sean points out that Sam proved himself when battling Gene Nation[2]. Below, Wolverine orders Skin to attack him. When Skin attempts to entangle Wolverine's hand, Logan still manages to get close enough to lay a killing blow with his claws. Logan's first lesson to the Generation X kids is to never look at an opponents hands, look at their eyes. The next lesson, Wolverine ducks into the wilderness of the Bio-Sphere and tells the students their next task is to try and track him down.

However, when the Generation X students attempt to look for him, Logan has detected something in the Bio-Sphere with them and comes out of hiding. He tells the kids to make a run for it and follows them back. Logan goes right to Sean and Emma and asks them if they are behind what he saw. When they have no idea what he's talking about, he tells them to lock down the Bio-Sphere and do not let anybody in, especially at night and to run a full system scan in the morning.

The next morning, Sean and Emma walk out of the control room and have found that there is nothing wrong with the Bio-Sphere. When they think that Logan has gone paranoid since he started living outside all the time, Jubilee and Skin explain that there was something in there. That night, they both woke up because they had heard Wolverine moving around. Going to investigate they found him fighting some kind of energy being in the Bio-Sphere. Wolverine manage to fight it off with sheer animal feelings alone, sending it fleeing out of the school. When Jubilee asked what it was, Wolverine said that it called itself a Token and then said he had to go and walked off into the night. Banshee explains to them that a Token is a wraith of death, and explains that Logan got it to leave because Tokens cannot abide by their own kind.

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