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In Akabba Egypt, Cyber has been brought to the Dark Rider's lead Genesis who has him run a test of his abilities. Pitting him against a Wolverine robot, they watch his fighting skill as he rips the robots to shreds. While he is doing so they are scanning his body and learn that his skin is bonded with pure Adamantium, exactly what they need for what they are planning for Wolverine.

Meanwhile, Logan had decided to leave the woods around the Xavier estate to clear his head and goes into Manhattan. As he walks through the city he is unaware that he is being followed by his old friends Guardian and Vindicator. Guardian in particular is worried that letting Logan roam free could cause harm to innocent people and wants to keep an additional eye on him. Heather tells him that he needs to have more faith in Logan's ability.

Down in the city below, Wolverine is approached by a large black man calling himself Dirt Nap. Dirt Nap is wearing a shirt with a distinct red smiley face on it and is offering Logan whatever sort of delight he could ever want. Logan isn't buying and tells the guy to get lost. Dirt Nap does so, but finds a young boy walking the streets and attempts to lure him away with offers of cheap computers.

Realizing that Dirt Nap is doing so to get Logan's attention, Wolverine rushes back and confronts him with his claws out. Seeing this from above, Guardian doesn't understand what's going on and speeds down to stop his friend. While the boy manages to get free and run away, James's interference causes Wolverine to lose Dirt Nap who disappears into the crowd.

When the police begin to arrive, James and Heather carry Wolverine off and explain the situation. Logan is not impressed by the fact that they have been keeping tabs on him and suggests that they find a place that serves coffee to talk things out. While they are flying through the city, the news that Graydon Creed is planning to run for President reaches the desk with Senator Robert Kelly.

Kelly is unimpressed by being blind sided by the news. Observing him is Noah DuBois who is called by his associate in Landau, Luckman and Lake, Zoe Culloden. She reports that the operatives working against Wolverine have sent out their agent ahead of schedule and that she is still on rendezvous to the Canadian Rockies to meet with him.

Wolverine and his friends end up at Hoppers Coffee Shop where Wolverine attempts to explain his situation. When James tries to cut in, Heather points out that James is as distant as ever before and he should realize that maybe the best thing Logan needs is for someone to listen. The conversation ends when Logan picks up the scent of Dirt Nap and jumps out the window to attack him.

Wolverine is shocked to see that he is in the form of the boy he saved earlier (who is wearing a similar smiley face shirt). Logan realizes that Dirt Nap consumes beings and takes their form and demands that the creature let the boy go. When Heather and James try to intervene, Dirt Nap then consumes Logan and takes his form.

However, before he can attack the two former Alpha Flight members, he suddenly and violently rejects Logan's body. Apparently Logan's healing factor prevents him from consuming Logan. Dirt Nap then takes on the form of a rat and escape. When Logan goes after Dirt Nap, James and Heather offer to help him out. Logan declines, telling them that this is something that he needs to do alone.

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