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Wolverine and Storm have brought along Cannonball and Caliban with them on a hiking trip in the Canadian Rockies. After rushing the two novice mutant heroes to the top of a peak to watch the sunset, they complain about the urgency to see something that is common place anywhere. Storm tells them that it is important to get good food, good exercise and to enjoy nature for all it's splendor. When Sam complains about getting all hot and sweaty to do so, Storm creates a mini rainstorm to cool him off. Logan tells them to change into dry clothes and begin setting up the campfire for the night.

That night as the fire is roaring and Caliban tries smores for the first time, Cannonball asks Wolverine and Storm some stories of the old days. Logan relates to a time early on in his career with the X-Men shortly after Mariko ended their arranged marriage. He had come home to the X-Mansion completely drunk and went up to his room to mourn for the loss of their love. Storm would come in and see how he was doing and take him up to the attic where she lived and grew many exotic plants. She would show him a rare mutant breed of plant, the only one of it's kind. Picking it she would give it to Logan and tell him that it would look great next to his picture of Mariko, so Logan did just that.

When the boys are disappointed that he story doesn't involve some sort of battle with an evil mutant, Logan explains that the story was important as the point of it was that when it comes to the X-Men they take care of their own. Wolverine's explanation is cut short when he detects something in the woods. Hidden from view is Landau, Luckman and Lake employees Zoe Culloden and her colleague Noah. Noah wonders how Logan can detect them with their cloaking devices, however Zoe points out that it's the grizzly bear that has wandered nearby behind them. Noah rashly acts out by attacking the bear with his blasters. Zoe is upset because this is not part of their charter, she then opens a portal and pulls herself and Noah out of the area.

The grizzly however, is still frightened and mad and rushes out toward the camping mutants. When his friends attempt to attack the creature, Wolverine stops them pointing out that it's hurt and afraid. They all scramble up into a tree and let the bear find comfort in the food they left behind. As the sun begins to rise, Storm remarks about how despite the fact that Logan is regressing to an animal state, he still managed to find a solution to the grizzly problem without killing. She then begins to remark about the first time he had saved her life, during a battle with Magneto and he used his own breath to save her life[1]. Caliban and Cannonball joke about how they saved each others life but neither should kiss.

As they joke, Wolverine thinks to himself about how they don't fully understand the changes that he is going through. He thinks about how is perceptions of people are starting to change. How he now views them in a different light and how he sees some of them as prey.

While in Akaba, Egypt -- the tests on Cyber are complete and the Dark Riders are luring him into a room. When Cyber realizes the room has no windows or doors he realizes that something strange is going on and battles the Dark Riders. The Dark Riders are no match for Cyber until Genesis smashes out of a control room window and downs the madman with a plasma rifle. Tossing him in the room and sealing the door, Cyber revives and becomes the next victim of Genesis's death-watch beetles. Mechanical creatures that consume every bit of flesh on Cyber's body leaving only his Adamantium behind, the true prize that Genesis sought all this time.


  • It's interesting to note that the X-Men depicted in the flashback are from around Uncanny X-Men #171, however the situation where Wolverine stumbled home drunk to mourn over being rejected for marriage by Mariko Yashida happened in X-Men Annual #11.

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