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Synopsis for "Fade To Black"

Wolverine wakes up and finds himself inside Madripoor's Princess Bar, in the aftermath of a large fight where his old friends Archie Corrigan and O'Donnell have been killed. Examining their bodies, Logan notices slash marks and can't remember what happened and wonders if he killed his friends. When he looks at his claws and sees that they are covered in blood, he is even more convinced that he is somehow responsible for his friends' deaths.

He tries to remember how he got to his old stomping ground and his last memories are of him and Jean Grey being teleported to Rockefeller Center following their encounter with Chimera. He remembers looking at the package that was given to him by Zoe Culloden but when he tries to remember what the note had said his memory goes blank. He finds Rose among the bodies and that she is still alive. However when he presses her for answers she can do nothing more than talk about the old days before she finally expires. Deciding that he needs to get out, Logan realizes he still has the note from Zoe in his pocket and finds it along with a key. Before he can look at either they are snatched out of his hand by Police Chief Tai who has arrived with a number of police officers to arrest him for murdering everyone in the bar.

Logan soon finds himself locked up in the jail with his arm shackled to the wall. What Tai doesn't realize is that Logan's senses have increased since their last encounter and Logan can overhear Tai talking to someone on the phone saying that he is going to conveniently step out so that someone can go in and murder Logan in cold blood. Logan realizes that he's been set up and begins coming up with ideas to get out of his situation.

He is visited by Dirt Nap who is still in his rodent form who mocks Wolverine for the situation he is in. Logan demands that he release the boy that he ingested during their last encounter.[1] Dirt Nap flees, challenging Logan to come after him and save the boy before he is totally digested. Logan is next visited by Tiger Tyger, who comes to the barred window of his cell from the outside and tosses him a spare costume and saw to cut through his shackles. When Logan considers that perhaps he should stay locked up but decides his recent adventure in England should teach him to have more faith in himself.[2]

As Wolverine is coming up with a plan to get out, the orchestrator behind his frame up arrive at the police station: Prince Baran and General Coy. When they descend into the cell block they find Wolverine there partially in uniform, unable to put on his shirt thanks to the shackle. Opening his cell door, they allow men armed with wrist mounted blades configured like Wolverine's claws to enter the room and eliminate him.

Wolverine, however is far from helpless: He breaks his own wrist so that he can slip his hand out of the shackles. With his healing factor rapidly repairing the damage he quickly slays the men who were sent to kill him. Shocked Coy and Baran order all of the other thugs to pile on him. They watch in utter horror as -- without a single word or quip -- Wolverine savagely slays them all. Coy and Baran attempt to flee, and in a bit to save himself General Coy shoots the prince point blank in the back of the skull. Wolverine however is not willing to spare his life, but before Logan can slay Coy he is shot in the back by Tiger Tyger who had come to pick Logan up. She explains that along the way she ran down Tai for him as well.

Logan asks her to drive him to the ruins of the old Landau Luckman and Lake office where he finds that he key given to him by Zoe opens the warp gate there. Before jumping in Tiger Tyger gives Logan a kiss. While travelling through the portal Logan runs into Zoe Culloden, who tells Logan to step forward and meet his fate.

This story is continued next issue...

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