Quote1 Brings back memories, doesn't it, Weapon Ⅹ? Oh, wait, my it doesn't, does it? Guess nothing brings back those memories-- Quote2
-- Sabretooth

Appearing in "Return of the Native: Part 1"

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  • Previous Native Next Empty (First appearance) (Unnamed)


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  • Logan's Motorcycle

Synopsis for "Return of the Native: Part 1"

Sabretooth leads two fellow hunters named Bowen and Peary on a mission to hunt down a mysterious creature known only as the Native. Their journey takes them to the forests of Vancouver, British Columbia. Sabretooth tracks the Native to a clear river, but the Native gets the drop on him. Moving faster than even Creed’s senses can perceive, the creature slaughters Bowen and Peary and leaves Sabretooth for dead.

In Portland, Oregon, Wolverine wakes up next to Cassie Lathrop. He sneaks out of the house late at night and drives his motorcycle down the road. A deer crosses his path, disrupting Logan’s control of the bike. He skids across the street and slams into a tree.

In Seattle, Washington, Sabretooth has recuperated and returns to his employer, Mister Willoughby. Creed is angry because Willoughby didn’t disclose all of the information concerning the Native. Willoughby offers him the opportunity to track the creature down once more – and this time, he is to kill it. Sabretooth decides to manipulate Wolverine into doing his dirty work for him.

Creed drives to Montana where he finds Logan sitting in a diner. The two exchange barbs with one another until Creed hands him an old file folder. The file is labeled "Soft Vector Weapon Development".

Solicit Synopsis

Somewhere in the Canadian Wilderness lurks the one that got away – a creature even wilder than Logan.

  • Sabretooth has located her, and he's got the scars to prove it. To bag this catch, however, he's going to need help – Wolverine’s!



  • Inside the Montana diner, two patrons are having a conversation concerning the death of Robert Patterson. Patterson is responsible for capturing the infamous Patterson-Gimlin film footage of Bigfoot on October 20th 1967. On his deathbed, Patterson confessed to staging the entire affair as part of an elaborate hoax.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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