Quote1 Oh Matt, Matt, Matty-Matt. Don't you understand? You were just the friggin' bait, kiddo. Quote2
-- Wolverine

Appearing in "Enemy of the State: Part 5"

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Synopsis for "Enemy of the State: Part 5"

While Wolverine fights Daredevil, Elektra, who was staking out Murdock's apartment hoping to trap Wolverine, is forced to fight the Gorgon. Both battles last a while but when Wolverine is heavily injured the brainwashing wears off temporarily and he tells Matt that he was never really the target, that killing and brainwashing Elektra was the actual objective. The Gorgon succeeds and the final page shows Elektra on the ceremonial alter of a Hand brainwashing ritual.

Solicit Synopsis

The frenzy of destruction shows no sign of stopping as a brainwashed Wolverine locks down New York during his deadly mission for Hydra and the Hand. His next target: Daredevil!

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